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    Engine - RS1850
    Owned since 10-10-62

    R1 R-2848

    Paul Donadio, Highland, New York

    July 2014


    Former Owners/Locales;
    Brad Bez, St. Peters, MO - 08/2000 - 04/2011 -

    R1 R-2849
    Steve Richter, Hastings, MN
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-2858
    Brad Carter, Plympton, MA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-2859

    Jason M. Doty, Milton, Fl (April 2014)

    (avantibob2004) Cocolalla, Idaho, Ebay Sale - March 2014


    R1 R-2859

    Bob Weir, Canyon Lake, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Owned since June 99

    R1 R-2863
    Richard Steinburg
    Sawano, Wi 54166

    R1 R-2864

    David D. Gay, Portland, OR
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Since Nov 2004

      R2 automatic, power windows. Painted metallic red with a re-done
      red interior. Mileage uncertain, but may be 120,000. It spent the past 15
      years or more in Montana and Wisconsin.

    R1 R-2865

    Joe Sandy, Belleville, IL
    Turning Wheels, July 1995
    63 R-2866
    Mikael Schwitzgold, Aasmundtorp Sweden
    R1 R-2867
    Hugh Parkhurst, Glouster, MA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-2869
    15 Feb 2001
    Nick Berger

    Westminster, CA 92683

    R1 R-2872 Dr. George Bailey, Great Lakes, IL - Turning Wheels, April 1986

    R2 R-2873
    Jim Anderson, Ontario, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Davod Affolder, Geneva, IN


    R2 R-2879
    Eugene Urban, Holland, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R1 R-2881

    (Engine R-2101 / Body tag 63RQ-2019
    Wholesale Lot - Ebay Sale - March 2013

    Info 1 - April 2013

    R1 R-2882

    (thecarmanofrichmond), Richmond, VA
    Ebay Sale - March 2012

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Matt Langsam, Richmond, VA (2004)
    Charles H. Preston, Wernersville, PA (1968)
    John Hornyak, Haddon Heights, NJ
    Lowell A. Knauss, Kitztown, PA (original)

    R1 R-2883
    Don Armacost Jr., Stilwell, KS
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    (fat99), Oraville IL - Ebay Sale, June 2006


    Michael Bostedt, Gavle Sweden
    Owned since April 2010

    Former Owners/Locales;


    (Bob Peterson driving at Bonneville - 2010)
    Ian Mackellar, Victoria, AU, AOAI Reg. 2009



    Ian Mackellar, Victoria, AU
    Ken Wilson, Alburquerque, NM -Purchased: March 2007 - Ebay Sale- May 2008
    Atlanta 2007 - Ebay sale - Mar 2007
    Ken Wilson, Albuquerque, NM.
    Lenny McNabb, Signal Mtn, Tenn.
    John Abbott, Plano, TX (from at least the) mid 1980s up until July 2005
    Original owner - Ohio (-? ) Sold & Delivered to the Al Taafe Motor Co. , in Girard, Ohio.

    R1 R-2892

    Rick Smith, Houston, TX

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Preston Smith, Pampa, TX

    R1 R-2894
    (pics July 2001)
    Dave Sinclair, Eagle, ID
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Middletown, NY
    EBay Sale
    Oct 2007


    Stuart E. Moody, Butler, PA
    Photo July 2011 - Gettysburg PA



    Stuart E. Moody, Butler, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    (entry)Oct 2006

      R1 automatic, PS, PB gold with orange interior.

    R1 R-2901
    Alice & Barry Bash, Lincoln Park, MI 48146
      45,008 original miles. Stored 20 years before purchasing

    R1 R-2902
    Robert Strait, North Huntingdon, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-2906

    (kimdelavan), Grans Island NY - EBay Sale, Oct 2007


    R1 R-2908
    22 August 2001
    Gary J. Rostetter
    John Poulos
    Body #63RQ-1396 Engine #R2129
    Old Storage / deteriorated / being sold for parts
    Sold to:
    Nov 2006
    Gary J. Rostetter
      Will be rebuilt as street rod. Also have R 4188 R-2 .
    Sold to:
    Kenneth W. Robinson
    Dec 14, 2006
    Purchased June 2006(?). A complete original car. Turquoise exterior
    and interior with R1 engine and automatic transmission. It had
    been sitting for at least 10 years and hadn't been taken care
    of during its storage. I've gotten it drivable again and will
    continue to upgarde it as I have fun driving around town.


    (prosenet46y0), Bloomsbury, NJ - Ebay Sale - July 2005


    (tlw1940), Sayville, FL - Ebay Sale - May 2012
    R2 R-2915
    Doug Skane, Moses Lake, WA 98837

    29 July 2002

    R1 R-2916
    Jan Labell, Olympia, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    (Bodytag 63R-2041)
    (Engine R-2116)
    Dan Grgurich, Matthews, NC (entry Oct 2013)
    R1 R-2921
    James A. Haas, Perrysburg, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-2922
    Donald Fifer, Port Charlotte, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-2924

    Rick Shafer, Lombard, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Dan Giblin, Cincinatti, OH

      custom tube headers, 4 wheel disc brakes, tko 500 5-speed, R4 valves,
      harbit cam,
      alum flywheel, dual friction clutch, alum radiator
      and a 4/55 TT

    R1 R-2927

    Bob Shapton, Mississauga Ontario, Canada - AOAI #038 Spring 1978
    R1 R-2928
    Vernon Thiel, Frankfort, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Vernon Thiel, St. James City, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-2930

    (yvettemichelle66), Cincinnatti, OH - Ebay Sale - Sept 2013


    R1 R-2930

    Cincinnatti, OH August 2009


    (jaesonkay), California
    AOAI Classifieds #147, August 2009 (SOLD!)


    Ellwood Parker (Jaeson Kay),Los Angeles, CA 91040
    Sold August 2009


    R1 R-2930

    25 Feb 2005
    Ellwood Parker
    (alias)Jaeson Kay
    Los Angeles, CA 91040

      purchased Feb. 2005
      Avanti Gold with Orange interior
      approx. 43,000 miles on odometer.
      Previous Owner:
      Ron Bryant
      Upper Lake, CA 95485
      owned since 1981

    Ken Robinson, Indiana, PA

    R1 R-2936
    Nelson Bove, Cincinnati, OH 45243
    Turning Wheels, November 1993
    R2 R-2938
    Paul Tarantino, Buffalo, NY
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    (Hidden treasures), New York - Ebay Sale, July 2008

    R2 R-2942
    Frederick Kuonen, Mentor, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-2946
    Steve Petersen, Leonardtown, MD
    2008 - AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-2947

    R1 R-2947
    June 2004

    Previous; July 2008, San Jose CA

    R2 R-2949

    Midtown Motors Classics, Waupaca, WI - Ebay Sale - Nov 2011
    R1 R-2951
    James Neiburger, Leawood, KS
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-2953
    Leon Martin, Melbourne, AU
    AOAI Reg. 2005 - 2011

    ?- Los Angeles, CA
    1981 - 2005
    Color change during ownership
    ? - 1981

    R1 R-2954
    Dwain Grindinger, Bremerton, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011 (entry 26 April 2002) - Owned Since: 1965
    Former Owners/Locales;
    Dwight Butterfield /Bellingham, WA

    R1 R-2961
    Jan LaBell, Olympia, WA, 98502

    R1 R-2965

    Scott Bagnall, Chicago, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Bloomington, CA
    Ebay Sale -Oct 2007
    Chris Smith, Blooington, CA - EBAY Sale - Oct 2007

    R2 R-2966
    John Grant, Artesia, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-2967

    (goldhawk99), Maple Grove MN - Ebay Sale - Sep 2011
    R1 R-2969
    David Crone, Lexington, SC
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    Robert McLean, British Columbia, CA - AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011 ?

    R1 R-2970
    Ben Evans, Evergreen, CO
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-2980
    Marc Winters, Chatsworth, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-2981
    William Makovsky, Zionsville, PA
    AOAI reg. 2011
    R1 R-2984
    Gary Wendt, Greenfield, WI
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-2987

    Window Sticker
    Ladd Smith, Grand Island, NE (2012)

    Delivered to SL Motors, Springfield OR

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Dan Nichols & Christine Denario, Medford, NJ (Oct 2002)

    Original Owners son- Ladd Smith

    R1 R-2989
    Mar 2003
    Glenn Daughtry
      R1 PS ,PB, PW, factory air. Gold exterior, fawn-beige interior. Many auto show wins since 1998. Daily driver!

    R1 R-2990
    04 January 2004
    David Littlefield, Palm Springs, FL
      Owned by father, undergoing frameoff restoration. Will be rebodied
      from donor car R-1331.
        Originally my father's car purchased about 1967
        from the original owner, Helen Tyson, who bought it new in the West
        Palm Beach area. An R1, automatic, with a/c, white exterior,
        turquoise/fawn interior. Shipped to Florida to begin a frame off
        restoration. Body was too far gone to salvage but the frame and engine
        were fine. I found a pristine body on eBay with a totally rusted out
        frame, no engine or tranny, and purchased it from Suzanne Stolle of
        Appleton, Wisconsin in August 2003. That Avanti was R1331, and I towed
        it to Florida to use that body on my frame. Restoration on R2990 is
        progressing nicely and may be finished by end of 2006. The Avanti
        turned a lot of heads when I was a kid riding in her with Dad. It is
        a tribute to my father and a labor of love to bring her back to life
        and travel the road again in it and turn some more heads!

    R1 R-2992

    R. T. Mansur, Natick, MA - AOAI #022 - Fall 1973

    R1 R-2993

    (mytory), Holyoke MA
    Ebay Sale, Dec 2007

    (Pics June 2002)
    Chris Harpring, Greensburg, IN
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    (K-witty), Amhurst, OH - Ebay Sale, June 2006

    R2 R-2996
    Allan Strickland, Great Falls, MT
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-2998
    (4 Speed)
    Dan Sullivan, Madison WI - AOAI #020 Classifieds - Fall 1972
    Cars Pending

    R1 Ebay160878815816

    Bruges, Belgium - Ebay Sale - Oct 2012


    Reported Body Tags
    63RQ-1016 - R2219 - Stansbury Park, UT
    63RQ-1106 - R2001 - Idaho - July 2012 R2007 - Alan Emory, South Gate, CA
    63RQ-1202 - R2056 - Cullman, AL - Dec 2013
    63RQ-1316 - R2155 Upper Montclair NJ - Oct 2004
    63RQ-1325 - R2272 - Grand Prairie, TX - Sept 2013
    63RQ-1400 - R2724 - Greg Cone Warrenton VA Aug 2011
    63RQ-1426 - R2726 - Kent Vonhoff, Berkeley CA
    63RQ-1490 - R2355 - Tom Kasale, Chicago, IL - May 2012
    63RQ-1527 - R2365 - Winter Park, FL - July 2013
    63RQ-1545 - R2485 - St. Louis, MO - Aug 2014
    63RQ-1612 - R2437 - Tom Payne - SDC Forum - Feb 2011
    63RQ-1617 - R2420 - June 2013
    63RQ-1620 - R2701 - Lebanon, OH - Aug 2014
    63RQ-1683 - R2524 - Bob Bryant, Niantic, CT
    63RQ-1685----------------------- 63RQ-1691 - Rnnnn - Dallas, TX - April 2014
    63RQ-1705 - R2710 - Chris Hobbs, Fairfax VA - Dec 2011
    63RQ-1741 - R2658 - Scottsdale, AZ - March 2014
    63RQ-1819 - R2669 - Seward Nebraska, Jan 2013
    63RQ-1823 - R2678 - TC, Winter Park, FL
    63Rq-1800 - R2659 - Phoenix, AZ - Jan 2012
    63RQ-1902 - R2782 - Bill Henderson, Wallingford, PA
    63RQ-1904 - R2788 - John Boyle, Colbert, WA - AOAI Reg. 2011
    63RQ-1909 - R2748 - Frank Drake 1979
    63RQ-1948 - R2806 - Chaplin CY - Sep 2011
    63RQ-1971 - R2866 - Mikael Schwitzgold, Aasmundtorp Sweden
    63RQ-1986 - R2882 - Matt Langsam, Richmond VA
    63RQ-2019 - Simpsonville, SC ( March 2013)
    63RQ-2031 - Dave Mottle, Cromwell, CT - Mar 1980
    63RQ-2071 - R2930 - Cincinnatti, OH - Sept 2013
    63RQ-2298 - Paul Etheridge, Montreal, Canada - AOAI Reg. 2011
    63RQ-2324 - Mansfield MA - Jan 2012
    63RQ-2350 - Richard Maxon, Winston-Salem, NC - AOAI Reg. 2011
    63RQ-2352 - Gus Fleischli, Cheyenne, WY - AOAI Reg 2011
    63RQ-2360 - Coal City, IL - Oct 2013
    63RQ-2491 - Tujunga, CA 0 April 2008
    63RQ-2528 - R3372 - Brian Swenson, Hudson, WI - AOAI Reg. 2011
    63RQ-2613 - Robert Lasher (*N), Schenectedy. NY - AOAI Reg. 2011
    63RQ-2929 - William Kelly, Hartland, WI - AOAI Reg. 2011
    xxRQ-5140 - R-2639 - Bement, IL - July 2014 (story?)

    (*N) - no email


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