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Avanti II RQA models

A partial registry of owners of the Avanti II Automobile. Registrants included are members of the Avanti Chat group and other interested parties. No addresses or phone numbers will be included to protect privacy.

The Beginning.....

...of the Avanti II

45 cars in 1965, 59 cars in 1966, 66 cars in 1967, and 100 cars in 1968. Engine sizes include: 1965-68 - 327's /1969-70 - 350's     Ref.. The 1970 model year started with RQA-0315, the 1969 model year ended with RQA-0313. Ref...

RQA Production Numbers / by John Hull

Newman - Altman spent 1965 re-engineering the car for the GM engine, upgraded upholstery and other amenities. There were no official 1965 models. Any cars titles as a 1965 are rare, most are regarded as '66' models.
In '65, the R-series engine options under Studebaker also disappeared and the vehicle numbering system went from "R-xxxx' to 'RQA-xxxx'. They adapted the GM 327 Cubic inch/300 HP through a custom bellhousing and coupled it to the existing Powershift (FMX type) transmission. The remainder of the car stayed, as Studebaker had produced it, with the exception of the emblems.< The installation of the new engine required the body to be pivoted upward in front, in order to accomodate its dimensions. This was accomplished by using varying thicknesses of steel shims along the frame mounting points. The resulting, additional, three inch gap between the fender and top of the wheel was remedied by installing filler pieces at the top of the wheel opening.
The 327 engine & 2.5" exhaust manifolds into 2.25" exhaust pipes remained throughout 1969 production. It in 1970 the 350/300 was installed and the exhaust manifolds went to 2" with 2" exhaust ( reportedly to be much easier to install ) . Again the 350 was coupled with the original Powershift (FMX) transmission or T-10 four speed. The first 350 equipped Avanti II was RQA0315. Ref..
The first 400 cubic inch engined Avanti was the first 1972 Avanti...RQB1801. That was with a 2-barrel carburetor. The first 400 cubic engine Avanti with a 4-barrel carb was RQB2050 (1974 model year). Ref..
For those that want a trivia point, the "II" in the Avanti II emblem was made from the Lark's V-8 emblem, by cutting off the first 2 characters of the "VIII" - (VIII -> II)

Nate Altman and Molded Fiberglass Co (MFG)

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