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A partial registry of owners of the Avanti Automobile. Registrants included are members of the Avanti Chat group and other interested parties. No addresses or phone numbers will be included to protect privacy.

4647 Avantis were built by the Studebaker Corporation from June 1962 - December 1963. 1389 models were manufactured in 1962. 3258 units were manufactured in 1963. Of these, 2418 were 1963 models, 30 were transitional, 54 were 1964 models with round headlights and 764 were 1964 models throughout....

Square headlight cars
    August 1963 - This is generally considered to be the start of the 1964 model run. Inside, solid interior color schemes were made standard, including the previously optional black, and black became the only available carpet color.
    The perforated vinyl upholstery was dropped and pleated vinyl became standard. The keystone "pirate buckle" door ornaments became standard.
    The heater and vent control switches on the console were redesigned using round knobs, and the inside door handles and door locks were also altered. The rear quarter window latches were modified for greater strength. A stronger hinge mechanism was added to the console glove box lid. The rubber door sill plate was restyled and plastic grilles were added to the inside air intake openings.

    On the exterior, the headlight bezels were changed from round to square, and the parking lights were restyled. Also on the front, an air intake grille was added to the left side of the cowl for ducting air to the automatic transmission on non-air conditioned models (the grille was non-functional on air conditioned models). On the front fenders the super charger plate was changed to read "supercharged Avanti".
    Underneath, the hood support bracket was moved from the left side to the right side. The narrow storage battery was replaced by one of the standard dimensions. The valve lifter covers became painted instead of chrome plated. Once again, the rear window fastening was redesigned for added strength."

64 Production, Prices, Accessories
Square headlight cars

64 Specs /colors

63 - 64 Monthly Production
The Elusive 1964 Avanti

by Fred Fox

Studebaker Avanti's R-4000 - R-4999

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Studebaker Avanti's - R4001 - R4999                        Known Bodytags



    R1 R-4000
    Mark E. Karns, Bloomsburg, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4001

    Rod Phillips, Memphis, TN
    Turning Wheels, February 1976
    R2 R-4004
    Dr. Robert Frayser, Payson AZ - AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    Ken Michael, New Orleans, LA - May 2002
    (Car renovated & I moved to Payson, AZ)


    R2 R-4004

    R. Tyyska, Grand Blanc MI, AOAI #044 - Spring 1980


    (rjbbjb), Oxford, MI - Ebay Sale - July 2014


    R1 R-4006

    (rjbbjb), Oxford, MI - Ebay Sale - July 2012

    R2 R-4009
    Darrell Brink, Tualatin, OR
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4010
    Steve Grant
    Russell, PA 16345
      R1 automatic, AC. Originally gray, now Avanti red. Has been dark
      metallic green, white, and pink. Fawn and black interior. Bought
      in Florida and driven 1700 miles home.

    R1 R-4013

    Trygve Seljeflot, Ski, Norway
    August 2010 - AOAI 2014   /   Info...

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Tor Bottolfsen - Aug 2006

    R1 R-4014
    Duane Miller, Eldridge, IA
    Since 2000 - AOAI 2011

      Turquoise with black regal interior, R-1, Powershift, power steering,
      air, tinted side glass, sun band windshield. This car was re-painted about
      20 years ago, My wife & I purchased it as an anniversary present in 2000.
      We bought it in Bettendorf, Iowa but I have been unable to trace previous
      ownership. The build sheet indicated that is was to be shipped to Laredo
      Texas, but scratchings on the shipping papers inticate that it was re-routed
      to the Chicago area.
    Former Owners/Locales;
    Bettendorf IA (? - 2000 )

    R1 R-4015

    (cruisincarsinc), Gainesville, FL - Ebay Sale - July 2014

    Former Owners/Locales;
    William F. Weaver, Grand Rapids, MI
    AOAI Reg. 2011 - 2014

    R1 R-4017
    Harris Bowers
    Sarasota, Fl 34321

    R1 63R-4018

    Rick Moon, Lafayette IN - AOAI # 042 Classifieds, Spring 1979


    Virgil Marple, Maple Plain, MN

    R1 R-4022

    R1 R-4023
    Edwin Maddox, Tyler, TX
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4024

    Hot Rods America, Bristol, TN
    Sale, November 2009
    R1 R-4027
    Mar 2004
    George B. Shields, Jr.
    Auction Car

      R1 Avanti repainted in black cherry with light tan/saddle leather
      interior. PS / PB Studebaker AM-FM radio, auto trans. 28K original
      mileage when purchased in January 2004.

    R2 R-4029
    Gary Clark, Hendale, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Jason Thomas, Redondo Beach, CA - AOAI #164
    PP. 26


    R3 (B98) R-4041

    Jonathan(?), North Orange County, CA
    Turning Wheels, January, 1995
    R3 Engine, B98 Purchased from Granatelli and installed


    Turning Wheels, February 1997

    R1 R-4042
    Harry Kowalcheck, West Newton, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4043

    (bodytag 63RQ-2971)
    Ebay, October 2005


    R2 R-4043

    Allan Rowe, Oakland Park, FL
    Turning Wheels, May 1987

    R1 R-4046

    Frank P. Rollins, Beech Island, SC
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Herman Foreman, Jackson, SC - Turning Wheels, September 1987

    R1 R-4049
    Rick Moon, Lebanon, IN
    Feb 2001

    R1 R-4050
    Ray Morganweck, Egg Harbor City, NJ
    Turning Wheels, October 1999


    R1 R-4050
    21 June 2001
    Gary Hedrick
    EBAY Sale 25June01

      Stude proving grounds Test car
    Ray Morgenweck
    209 First Terrace Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215 609-965-1283 -->

    R1 R-4051

    (simonrandy42wr), Huntington, NY (Long Island) - Ebay Sale - Oct 2014

    R1 R-4053

    AOAI #158, P45
    Robert Nelson, Seabeck, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4054
    Gene Latham, Gretna, NE
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    Lance Beard, Clarksville MD
    2008 - ?

    former owners/locales;
    Jack Anderson, Wilmington DE, 1988 - 2008
    John Novak, Seabright NJ, ?-2008
    Delivered - Oakland Ca

    R2 R-4058

    (Motoexotica), St. Louis MO
    Ebay Sale, December 2009

    R2 R-4060
    Bruce Louden, Kalispell, MT
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4061
    Stan Cunningham, New Brunfels, TX
    AOAI Reg. 2011-2014
    R1 R-4063
    Lonny Moore, Denver, CO
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4066
    Jack Usher, Costa Mesa, Ca
    1974 - AOAI Reg. 2011

      R1 automatic, was scheduled to be black but was changed to
      silver at factory, now red with black/fawn interior. PW, PB.
      Second owner, purchased in 1974.

    R1 R-4071 Frank Lillig, Lombard, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Steve Nelson, Orange, CA Turning Wheels - March 1986
    Steve Nelson, Orange, CA - TW Apr 1985

    R1 R-4074
    Larry Pack, Hampstead, NC
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Wayne Lee, Kennesaw, GA 30152 - 20 November 2001(sold)
    Prior:Greg ?, Las Vegas, NV
    New delivery to Dallas, TX - 08 Mar 1963
    Engine, chassis rebuilt in early 90's
    Automatic with PS, PB, PW, AC and 3:31 rear
    EBAY sale

    R1 R-4085

    Jim Casbero, Salinas, CA
    Turning Wheels, August 1978
    R2 R-4086
    Mike Aiksnoras
    Salem, CT 06420
      Under restoration

    R2 R-4087
    Dec 2002
    Don Shannon
      R2 4-speed with Hurst shifter, 3.73/TT, hill holder,
      electric windows, R3 bonnet. Originally sent to Fremont, CA. A
      blast to drive-I plan to restore it when I grow up-I'm 54.

    R1 R-4091
    Donald Good, Warren, MI
    AOAI Reg. 2001

    R1 R-4093

    Reuben Kidd, Citrus Heights CA
    Turning Wheels, February 1973

    R1 R-4094

    (putz56). Springhill, FL
    Ebay Sale, July 2009

    R1 R-4095
    Thomas Verrier, Tucson AZ
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    Mark Corwin, New Windsor, MD
    Ebay Sale - Apr 2011


    (wheels (SDC Forum), Midland, MI - July 2014


    1963 R-4098

    Kathy Krull, Stored in Michigan
    SDC Classifieds - August 2013

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Paul White (original Owner)

    R1 R-4103

    (polointheozarks), Fayetteville, AR - Ebay Sale, October 2008


    Former Owners/Locales;

    Joe McKee, Bartlesville, OK
    - Turning Wheels - AUgust 1986


    (Jayhogg), Nevada (plate) - Owners Sale (SDC Forum) - Dec 2011

    R2 R4106
    Todd Tibbitts, Redmond, WA
      white R2 with turquoise interior
    (entry sep 2012)
    R1 R-4107
    Robert Langer, Glenshaw, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    1963 R1 R-4108
    Steve Cabella, San Anselmo, CA


    Dwight Caler, Sanbornville, NH, Turning Wheels, April 2001


    R1 R-4109
    Gerry Bufton, Clinton, MA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Dwight Caler, Sanbornville, NH - Apr 2001

    R2 R-4110
    Benjamin T. Rew, Jacksonville, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011-2014

    Former Owners/Locales;

      Guy Craig, Grand Island, NE
    (original Owner) - Story - AOAI 164

    R1 R-4116
    Peter Kennis, Bagard, FR
    AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2014

    R1 R-4119

    Sold - Aug 2014

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Doug Solberg, Banning, CA - AOAI 159 Classifieds - Sep 2012

    Anton Vesely, Los Osos, CA
    Sold 200?

    R2 R-4123

    1st sighting
    May 2007
    Previously owned by Anton Vesely
    Los Osos, Ca
    Sold in 1988, thru a local paper for $2200. The buyer then turned it
    over to an Oregon party In August 2006, car was found in a barn in
    Grants Pass and sold on Ebay by "Barnfinds".

      After the Ebay sale:::
      (June 2007) It went to a local hot rodder here in Grants Pass, he
      is currently making a high dollar show car out of it... will probably
      be on the Northwest show circuit by this time next year if not sooner

      Most likely...... The End!

    R1 R-4127

    (63 with a 64 registration) Turning Wheels, September 1983


    Turning Wheels, February 1983


    Turning Wheels, November 1982


    (R-4131) (Click pic above for full page)
      R-4130 is a square headlight car, used as a prototype for the R3 platform
    Sherwood Egberts's Avanti
    Joe Aluise, Beltsville, MD
    Via Mecum Auctions, January 2009
    Kissimemee, FL
    Jan 2009 - ?

    Former Owners;
    Gary Hess, Palm City, FL
    Restored R-4130 between
    1997 - 2009

    Ray Norris, Minnetonka, MN
    1983 - 1997 ... AOAI #52 Article Gary Johnson, Tacoma, WA

    Richard Christi, Seattle, WA (1968 -?)(who paid $1575.00 for the car)

    Sherwood Egbert (1962 - 1968)
    Studebaker Corporation, Engineering Dept ( 1961-1962)


    (jonafat186), Phoenix, AZ - Ebay Sale - October 2013
    R2 R-4136
    17 June 2002
    31 Aug 2002
    Bob Porter
    Newport, VA 24128
    Owned since July 2002
    31,000 original miles
    Formerly from Norwalk, CT Estate Sale

    R1 R-4137

    Bob Langer, Glenshaw,PA
    May 2009 -

    (ewardian), Freemont, MI
    Ebay Sale, May 2009

    R1 R-4141

    Sold to ?

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Dick Steinkemp, Bellingham, WA
    Tom Johnson, Seattle WA - Ebay Sale - January 2010
    Robert Morrison - President MFG, Ashtabula, OH ( Original Owner)


    R1 R-4141

    (designwithmemory), Seattle, WA
    Ebay Sale, August 2009


    R1 R-4141

    16 Nov 2003
    (Jagroup), Novato, CA - Ebay Sale, November 2003 - 46575 miles, new A/C


    R1 R-4141
    Apr 2004
    Rick Hinson

      R1 automatic with air, PW. Turquoise with Turq. and fawn
      interior. 125,274 miles, rides and drives great. Stored for 3 yrs, took
      a couple of days to get running, the paint is new, still need to detail
      under hood, that day will come. From Rock Hill, S.C.

    R1 R-4143
    Robert Wurtzel, Larksburg, NJ
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4150

    (jedent), Inman, SC - Ebay Sale - Dec 2013

    R1 R-4152

    BigDaddy - AOAI Forum - October 2013

    R2 R-4152

    (RQ-5211, Eng R-3001)
    Rick Ray, Fieldon, IL (2013)

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Gene Allen, South Bend, IN

    R1 R-4155
    Jerry King, Battle Ground, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4163
    Donny Martin, Newport, VA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;

    Robert Porter, Knoxville, TN
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4164
    Jan 2006
    Michael & Janice J. Lynch
      R1 Manual 4-Speed(?). Fully resored, maroon metalic paint
      with beige interior. PS, PW, PB, alloy wheels. Originally California
      car shipped back to Australia in 1989.

    R1 R-4168
    EBAY id = "tandtmom"

    Upper Michigan
    EBAY SALE June 2003


    R1 R-4168

    L. DeLeers, Milwaukee, WI
    Turning Wheels, February 1983


    John Rohner, Oshkosh, WI
    Turning Wheels, April 1976

    R1 R-4171
    Burt Rothman
    Boynton Beach, FL 33437
    Nov 2006 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4177
    Robert W Donovan
    Kokomo, IN 46902
    April 2008



    321-385-9740, Central Florida
    Turning Wheels, April 2008

    63 R2 R4180B
    29 Jan 2005
    Barrett-Jackson Auction
    Lot #511
    Buyer unk
    Seller unk

    R1 R-4181
    E. Torry Kirby, Inwood, WV
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Stephanie Grogan, Pilot Mountain NC
    "Car Has No Options" (Build Sheet notation)
    3 speed manual, no P/S, no radio /

    R2 R-4184
    Dr. Wayne J. Fowles, Montgomery, MA
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    Donald Fifer, Port Charlotte, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    AOAI Classifieds, #147, August 2009 &
    same ad, Turning Wheels, June 2009


    1963 R2 R-4185
    Donald Fifer, Port Charlotte, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    (mxmcbrayer), Modesto, CA - Ebay Sale, May 2009

    R2 63R-4187
    June 2011


    R2 R-4187

    March 2004

    R2 R-4188
    Sep 2007
    Gary J. Rostetter

    R2 R-4188
    Nov 2006
    Gary J. Rostetter
      R2 in unknown condition bought from Evergreen Historic Automobile in Lebanon Mo. Also have 63 R 2908.
    R2 R-4190
    John Hope, Vallejo, CA
    AOAI REg. 2011

    R2 R-4191

    (Studeavanti) Greenfield, IN - Ebay Sale - Dec 2012


    R2 R-4191

    David VanMeter, Fallon, NV - Turning Wheels classifieds - Jan 1992

    1963 R-4193

    June 2007
    Interesting History
    [ Page 1] [ Page 2]
    R1 R-4197
    Jim Duden, Clovis, NM
    June 2006 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Ron Enamait, Ruskin FL - 21 Feb 2002

      R1 3-speed stick, radio delete, only options are white walls
      and front seat belts. White with black interior. 26,500 miles, everything
      original and in excellent condition. Sold new at Abel`s Garage,
      Rhinelander, Wisconsin, now in New Mexico. One owner until 2000.
      Original sticker price was $4557.83, bill of sale shows original
      owner paid $3650.00!
        (R-4197), All original, 26,000 miles, is a 3-speed and
        radio delete car. Only options were front seat belts and white wall
        tires. According to information I found, out of 4,643 Avanti`s built
        78 (1.7%) were 3-speeds, and 165 (3.6%) were radio delete. Another
        thing about the Avanti 3-speed, first gear is non-syncro, unlike my
        `63 GT Hawk 3-speed, which has syncro on first.Owned since 2001

    R1 R-4198
    Gene Anderson, Mora, MN - AOAI Reg. 2011
    (Engine R-3027)

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Kerry Gauthier, Payallup, WA

    R2 R-4200
    Michael K. Trost
    Dixon, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4201
    ALan Huntzinger, San Jose, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Corky Corkill, El Paso,TX
    Turning Wheels, September 1993


    R1 R-4203
    (63 with a 64 registration) Turning Wheels, June 1988


    Albert Corkill, El Paso, TX - Turning Wheels, November 1987


    Mike Longo, St. Louis MO
    Turning Wheels, August 1974
      327 SBC, 4 speed, magnum wheels, Pirelli tires

    R2 R-4205
    Nov 2007
    M. Drake, Longbeach, CA
    Stude Chat group (Dakem)
      Serial number R4205 and it has square headlamps. The dash does
      not have the wood trim. Engine serial number is RS2350, body tag is
      RQ3301, The expansion tank has been removed, and it now has a overflow
      reserve tank.
    Formerly: Ralph Guldahl Jr, Long Beach California


    R2 R-4205

    M. K. Concannon, Ontario CA - AOAI #040 Classifieds - Fall 1978

    R-4207 (body RQ-5194) Reference - Turning Wheels - August 201, P30


    Fine Cars, Ltd, Zurich, Switzerland
    Sale, January 2009


    (Oodle Marketplace), Salton City, CA - Sale - Oct 2013

    Alternate post


    R0 R-4211

    (ezduuzit), Salton City, CA - Ebay Sale - Oct 2011


    R2 R-4211
    30 Nov 2004
    Salton City, CA

    Ebay Sale

      1963 Studebaker avanti 289 motor, trans. & rearend

    R2 R-4212

    (tubthumper_98), Butte, MT - Ebay Sale - Oct 2014


    R2 R-4212

    (Engine RS1515 /body tag RQ 3042)
    Jack Weber, Anaconda MT
    JNFWeber, SDC Forum
    Sept 2009 - July 2012

    R1 R-4213

    (Sirphilo) Windsor ME
    Ebay Sale - Sep 2010


    R1 R-4213
    Kevin Roche
    Lowell, MA 01852

      R1 4-speed. Red with red interior. Originally from dealer in
      CT, it has since been registered in PA and MA.

    R1 R-4215
    Robert Copeland, Santa Fe, NM
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4217
    Ray Petros Jr., Golden, CO
    AOAI Reg. 21011
    R1 R-4218
    Phil Trowbridge, Healdsburg, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4219
    John J. Kouotre, Plover, WI
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4223

    Preston Hill, South Dakota
    Turning Wheels, December 1993

    R1 R-4225

    (kenslawncare), Markesan WI - Ebay Sale Feb 2006
    R1 R-4226
    Peter Macey, Maidstone, Kent, UK
    AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011


    R2 R-4226
    06 Jun 2002
    Doc, Conifer, CO 81002

    R1 R-4228
    Craigslist Sale, Fernandina beach, FL - Nov 2011


    George Terwilliger, Fernandina beach, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    E. Seifried, Franklin, NY - Turning Wheels, June 1990


    R1 R-2872 Joseph Gullotta, Valley Cottage, NY - Turning Wheels, April 1986


    R1 R-4228

    Joseph Gullotta, Valley Cottage, NY - Turning Wheels, August 1985

    R1 R-4232

    (exotony), Staten Island, NY - Ebay Sale - July 2013


    R1 R-4232

    Copart Internet Sale, Pittsburgh, PA - July 2012

    R1 R-4240
    Charles J. Bartholet, Bay City, OR
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4241
    Dave Thibeault, Maynard, MA
    AOAI reg. 2002 - 2011

    R1 R-4242

    Jay Long, Lititz, PA ( May 2014)
    Keystone Raffle Car for 2014

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Lois Tems, Doylestown, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    (snoopss) Stephens City, VA - Ebay Sale - May 2010

    R2 R-4246
    Oct 2004

    Again, June 2007, Indiana

    1963 R1 R-4247
    Wayne Terwilliger, Madison Heights, MI - (October 2014)

    1964 R2 R-4248

    (4$1will), Morris IL - Ebay Sale, Jan 2010 Former;
    (shovel1859), Morris, IL - Ebay Sale, October 2008

    R1 R-4249
    - Marshall Lenovitz, Dallas, TX - TW Classifieds - March 1983
    R2 R-4250
    Kevn reak
    Milwaukee, WI
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4251
    Thomas Gallagher, South Amherst, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4252
    Larry Glenn, ? TX
    SDC Forum - Oct 2011

    1963 R2 R-4253

    Gary Slusser, Jackson, MI
    Turning Wheels, Jan 1999

    R1 R-4254
    Alvan Galber, Ft. Myers beach, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R2 R-4256

    Menasha, Wi, Feb 2008 - (Gotahavit62),Ebay Sale

    R2 R-4260
    Michael Chernago, Auburn, NY
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4261
    John Finley, Anchorage, AK
    AOAI Reg. 2011-2014
    R1 R-4262
    Rowland P. Buzza, Pittsburgh, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4264
    22 May 2002
    Alfred Vacano
    Seestr 7a
    Salmsach CH-8599
    AOAI Reg. 2014
    (BodyTag only)

    1964 R1 RQ-4267

    "Chassis Only" (Build Sheet notation)

    R2 R-4270

    (kevinsfb) Kevin Steed, Idaho Falls ID
    Ebay Sale, May 2010

    J.R. Welch, Modest CA

    R1 R-4275

    Bedford, OH
    Ebay Sale, July 2006


    July 2006, Richard Gahlbeck

      R-1 Automatic, white with (Deluxe interior) perforated Maroon seat
      inserts and plain vinyl door panels. Twin Traction 3.31, full tinted glass
      w/sunband W/S, power steering, HD springs front & rear, AM radio w/rear
      seat speaker, came with Firestone "500" white wall tires...
      .. ...More

    R3 R-4276
    Gene Rinck, Millstadt, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4282

    BLOCKERS AUTO, Bastrop, LA - Ebay Sale, Jan 2011

    R1 R-4283

    Kenny, Royal Oak, MI
    Turning Wheels, February 1982

    R1 R-4289
    July 2000
    EBAY ID = "mrkit"

    Clear lake, CA

    R1 R-4290
    Vance Roth, Mentor, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R2 R-4292

    (harbin765), Enola, PA - Ebay Sale - Sep 2012

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Ed & Delores Schott, Chicago, IL ? (original Owner)

    1963 R1 R-4293B

    (Stroker70), Bloomington, CA - Ebay Sale, September 2008
    Allen A Deyarmin, AOAI Forum ( Nov 2013)

    R2 R-4297

    Jeffery Sabroff, Akron, OH(?) - Craigslist Sale - Nov 2012


    Other Owners/Locales;
    Don Greene, Moreland Hills, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R-4300
    (ponderosaproducts), Nevada City, CA - Ebay Sale - Oct 2014


    1963 R1 R-4300(A)

    Commander Toasty - AOAI Forum Nov 2011

    former Owners/Locales;
    (crestskp), Rocklin CA - Ebay Sale - Sep 2011

    R2 R-4301
    James F. Zimmerman, Burlington, WI
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4303
    (alabama41), AOAI Forum - July 2014


    1963 R1 R-4303

    (alumrof), Decatur, IN - Ebay Sale - August 2011
    R1, 4 speed

    Former Owners/Locales;
    (alumrof), Decatur IN - Ebay Sale - Aug 2011 & Feb 2014

    Jeff Howard, Loyall, KY, 21 July 2003 - Aug 2011

      Exterior : Grey, originally Avanti Red

      Dealer: Smith Motor Sales in Haverhill, Mass
      1965 ...originally sold to Robert T. Charlton in Chelmsford, Mass
      In 1968, sold to Francis E. Harndan of Pelham, N.H.
      In 1970, to Gerald Breeyear of Milford, N.H.
      Purchased in Alexandria, Virginia, 1999.

    R2 R-4304
    Richard H. Leendertsen, Hanford, CA
    Aug 2006 - AOAI Reg. 2011
      R-2, 4-speed with Hurst shifter; Avanti aqua. Shipped
      to England upon manufacture, returned to states in 1975. Bare
      build sheet; no radio; close ratio steering; heavy-duty suspension.

    R1 R-4305

    Geofry Park, Sylmar, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    Doreen Rypinski, Marina Del Rey, CA - Original Owner
    (Delivered in San Diego)

    R1 R-4307
    Norm Adams, La Canada, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4308

    Herb Price, Burlington, IA
    Nov 2007 - AOAI Reg. 2011
      VIN is R-4308. Body number is 63RQ-3376, engine number R-2900. Final
      Assembly date is given as 5-8-63.

    R1 R-4310
    Donald Prock, Nokomis, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4311
    Donald Borger, Newcastle, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4312

    (Chequeredflagcars), Marina Del Rey, CA - Ebay Sale - Nov 2012


    R1 R-4312

    Alexander Lehr, Hollywood, CA
    AOAI REg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    (acexyz) Alden NY - Ebay Sale - Aug 2006

    R1 R-4313
    (entry Mar 2007) - Pat Halloran
      R1 sent to England for original sale, returned 1985.

    R1 R-4314

    Bill Krueger, Midland, MI
    AOAI Forum 2011


    R1 R-4314

    Bill Krueger, Midland, MI
    AOAI Forum 2011
    AOAI #156 Article above


    R1 R-4314 Kevin Morrison, Dayton, OH


    (stude232), Marietta GA - Ebay Sale - Sep 2010

    R2 R-4316
    Joe Gevock

    Swisher, IA 52338
    Dave Holden, Fraser University, Canada

    Sold 24 April , 1963 - Portland, OR - White/Orange trim

    R2 R-4320

    (drummerboy_2), Calumet, MI - Ebay Sale - Oct 2014
    R2 R-4321
    March 2004

    R2 R-4324
    24 Aug 2005
    Pat Drnec
    Somewhere out west..
      R2 4-speed Hurst shifter. PS, PB. White with red interior.
      Purchased from NY after complete frame-on restoration by Dave
      Thibeault. Very original, titled as 64.

    R1 R-4325
    Dan Miller, Auburn, GA
    14 Aug 2006 - AOAI Reg. 2011

      "build record was written on 4/30, but had no final assembly date.
      It has round headlights and the pirate buckels on
      the doors, but most different is it has a total black
      fawn color anywhere. It is a 2 owner car, ordered from the local Stude
      dealer in Atlanta,Ga. It has the wood color steering wheel with a
      black column. None of this interior has been changed or painted...I've
      had it completely apart...the dash is tolaly original (black). I've
      been told total black interiors were not offered before June of 63. By
      the fact there was no final assembly date, makes one wonder if this
      was a "trial run" car that got held up in engineering, just to see what
      it would look like all black. IMMIC, I believe that once the square
      headlights came out, you could still special order a 64 model with
      the round headlights. Lots of weird things happened at Studebaker along
      this time./ Dan Miller

    (hi-fi4130), Buffalo, NY - Ebay Sale - Nov 2014
    R1 R-4330
    Sam Nardo, Erie, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011 63RQ3368, Engine # R2914
    R1 R-4331
    "Congressman John Brademas" (Build Sheet Notation)
    R1 R-4334
    "Senator Vance Hartke" (build Sheet Notation)

    R1 R-4335

    William Bisaillon, Goshen, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Dan Duma, Schenectady NY - Turning Wheels, June 1973


    R1 - R-4335

    Dan Duma, Schnectady, NY, Avantopics, July 1973


    R1 R-4335

    Dan Duma, Schenectady NY
    Avantopics, July 1973


    R1 R-4335

    Louisville, OH, April 2007
    Ebay Sale

    Curt Schulze, Prescott WI
    R2 R-4338
    "Senator Birch Bayh" (Build Sheet Notation)
    R2 R-4339
    Jacques Hanappe, Brussels, Belgium
    1998 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    ADAM Musto Henry, ATHERTON CA 94025 - 1973 - 1998

    R4341   (body RQ-3011)
    Location ?

    Former Owners/Locales; Bruce Blum, Frederick, MD

    R1 R-4343
    CHarles Scherer, Belleville, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4344
    Pat Patrick, Richmond, VA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4347
    Carl S. Thomas, San Jose, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4349
    Terry Judd, Sring lake, MI
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Turning Wheels - June 1992

    R-4350 (RQ-4239)
    Chuck Kaucic - SDC Forum - Aug 2014


    R1 R-4350

    Tony DeCicco, Rio Rancho, NM - TW Classifieds - Jan 1989

    1964(?) R2 R-4354
    14 January 2002
    Pamela Ingersoll
    Lakeport, CA

    R1 R-4356
    Fred Birdsell, Adrian, MI
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4358
    Gary M. Tryhorn, Walnut Creek, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4367
    Douglas B. Greene, Oakland, CA
    Feb 2001 - AOAI Reg. 2011
      R1 located in Oakland, California since 1980 with 93,000 miles.
      It is gray with a turquoise interior. This car is in concours condition
      and was awarded first place at Palm Springs in 2005.

    R1 R-4369
    Larry Eskildsen, El Centro, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4370
    Jack Vines, Spokane, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    (entry Apr 2001)
      R1 gold/fawn, automatic, PS, AC, TT, tinted glass, radio, rear
      speaker. Modified by George Barris Kustoms to 1965 Loewy design
      drawings-quad headlights, vinyl roof, flared rear fenders, Dayton
      knock-off wire wheels, dechromed hood and rear deck, Nardi wood
      steering wheel.

    R1 RQ-4370
    14 March 2001
    Charles Houser
    Ventura, Ca
      A/C Automatic, PW
      Since November 2000
      nee Ray Dade

    R2 R-4371

    (ronsworld), Rock Spring GA - Ebay Sale - Dec 2011

    R2 R-4372*

    D. Curran - Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Turning Wheels, September 1985
    (* Ad shows only #372, but presumed wine colored was a late 63)
    R1 R-4373
    Thomas Stoechl, St. Paul, MN
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4383

    Thomas K. Kagi, SPokane, WA ( 2013-)

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Greyson Proctor, Ridgefield WA, (1999 - 2013) Craigslist Sale - Jan 2012

    R2 R-4384
    Chris Altenburg, Dublin, OH
    AOAI Reg 1999 July 2010 - It was built in April, 1963 (R4384),
    and was an R2, 4-speed car. There is no engine or trans or clutch
    linkage but virtually everything else is there. Contact me if you have
    an interest.

    R2 R-4385

    Mr. Kossock, AOAI #040 - Fall 1978
    wherabouts unknown...
    R2 R-4386
    Wilfred Wahl, Minneapolis, MN
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4395
    Jon B. Myer, Duncan Falls, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4399

    Jeff McCain, Greensboro, NC


    Former Owners/Locales;
    (xyz1969), Woodbridge, VA - Ebay Sale - July 2012

    Info 2007) Pete Rutledge, Woodbridge, VA
    Dec 2007 - AOAI Reg. 2011
    Former Owners/ Locales;

    Pete Rutledge, Woodbridge, VA
    Dec 2007 - AOAI Reg. 2011
    4-21-64 to Arnold Nordeng of DeForest, Wisc.(Original Owner)

    R1 R-4400
    Dale Anderson, Sedalia, MO
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4401
    "Car is for American Ambassador to Columbia" (Build Sheet Notation)

    R1 R-4402

    Ron Gertner, Webster New York - AOAI #035 Summer 1977
    R1 R-4403
    Clyde Furr, Corryton, TN
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4405

    John M. Rodhouse, Becket, MA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Photo - July 2011 - Gettysburg PA
    R1 R4407
    28 May 2004
    Pete Rutledge
      Sold in 1990

    R2 R-4410

    Owner ?, Kissimmee, FL - Aug 2012

    1964(?) R2 R-4414

    May 2001
    ( Destroyed in garage fire - July 2013)
    Phil and Pat Mudge

    New Hampshire 03743
    Owned since 04/03/01
      R2 Gold, 4-speed w/black original interior, 89,000 mi. Drove one in
      1962-Took 40 years to get one-worth the wait! Lives in New Hampshire.


    Mid Tennessee Car Show - Nashville - Oct 2012

    R1 R-4419

    Caleb Conner,Bakersfield, CA
    Turning Wheels, June 1988

    R1 R-4425
    March 2002

    R2 R-4428

    Richard Langseder, Hockessin DE
    AOAI #28 Summer 1975 - AOAI 2011

    (Dix Hille, NY)

    R1 R-4430
    Richard Orme, Granite Bay, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4433
    Bob Miller, Beauont, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 RQ-4434

    Franschhoek Motor Museum
    Cape Town, South Africa (Pics from 2008)
    R2 R-4439
    Chuck and Sutton Decker, Murphysboro, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011
      R2, 4 spd, Red

    R2 R-4441

    SDC Clasifieds - September 2014

    (R3) R-4442

    26 Oct 2003 - AOAI Reg. 2011
    Leonard Major, Monroe, GA
    03 Dec 2003 - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Dealer installed R3 Paxton system, Drum brakes
      (Dec 2005) My Avanti comes from Kansas from the
      Charlie Laningham collection.She is a 64 r2 #R4442 and
      lives about 30 miles out side of Atlanta.At the
      present time I am doing a mechinical restoration.

      (This car may have been an unsold 63, retitled as a 64)

    Previous owner : Wayne Castor

    1963 R-4443

    (rocky*boy), Adamstown, MD
    Ebay Sale - Mar 2011


    1963 R-4443

    Wolverine State
    April 2004

    R1 R-4445
    Chris Steffen, Battleground, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Ellington, CT - Turning Wheels, November 1983

    R1 R-4447
    Sayville, NY

    Hemmings Sale Long Island

    R1 R-4448
    Jack Bowen, ALgona, IA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4449
    Lowell Hanner, Fithian, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4452
    Norman Hill, New Caney, TX
    AOAI Reg. 2011-2014

    R1 R-4457

    Johnny Theile, Vandalia, IL
    January 2009 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    (Nickey Chicago), St. Charles, IL - Ebay Sale, January 2009
    Greg Costello, Warrenton, MO 63383 - ? - January 2009


    Turning Wheels Classifieds - Aug 2005

    W. Carlile, Riverview, FL

    R1 R-4460B(*1)
    Carl S. Thomas, San Jose, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4463
    Steve Ault, Green Valley, AZ
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4464

    Gary Lee Parks, Los Angeles, CA - SDC March 1971

    R1 R-4466
    Ken Wolford, Plymouth IN, br> AOAI Reg. 2011
    1st Registered as a 64

    Former Owners/Locales;
    James Bell, Bellingham, WA

      R1 4speed, factory air, power windows


    Kevin ?, South Bend, IN

    Turning Wheels Sale, November 1999

    R1 R-4468

    Roger MacDonald, St Petersburg, FL
    Craigslist, March 2009
    R1 R-4470
    Robert Hughes, Waleska, GA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4472

    Roger Grubic, Ormond Beach, FL (AOAI 2014)

    (ducbill8), Flagstaff, AZ - Ebay Sale - Feb 2012


    R1 R-4472

    Consignment Sale - Scottsdale, AZ - Jan 2012


    R1 R-4472

    Byron, B. Kaye, La Quinta, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    Mark Ellis, Scottsdale, AZ -AOAI Reg. 2011
    Ebay Sale, July 2007, Naples, Florida

    1963 R2 RQ-4474

    Body Tag
    Charlotte, NC
    Turning Wheels, August 1988

    R2 R-4478

    21 August 1997
    Jason & Beverly Ford
    Luxemburg, WI 54217
    AOAI Reg. 2011

      Hit a deer July 2001..nose damage

      R2 4-speed, with Hurst shifter, PS, PB, and tinted glass. Transition
      car-original black/black vinyl interior with woodgrain inlays, aftermarket
      steering wheel. Painted Avanti Red.

    Next section has 64 cars included. Many were registered as 64's erroneously or
    mistakenly from a late dealer sale. At the end of production, some early
    engineering cars were turned into and sold as 64's
    R2 R-4480
    Charles Baker, Damstown, MD
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    John Poulos, Arnold, MD
    Estate Sale, North Carolina - 2001

    R1 R-4482

    Hemmings, Dec 2007
    Granatelli Content

    R2 R-4483
    Dave Borich, Chisholm, MN
    AOAI Reg. 2011 - 2014
    R2 R-4484
    C. Lloyd Haslett, Los Lunas, NM
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4486B

    (vaultcars), Anaheim CA
    Ebay Sale - May 2010


    R1 R-4486B

    EBAY Sale - May 2005
    Registered as a 64
    Grand Terrace, CA

    R1 R-4488

    Steve Rosen, Boulder, Co
    June 2008 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    Sam Kerkenides, Crescent City, CA - Turning Wheels, July 1982

    R1 R-4489
    Gerald Sears, Algona, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4490
    Vernon Lawson, Olancha, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4500
    Michael Pink, Melbourne, AU
    AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011

    Leon Martin, Melbourne, AU
    2003 - 2009

    Mark Brians, TX


    R2 R-4505
    "Mr. Ed Television Show" (build Sheet Notation)

    R1 R-4508

    (pochi1299), North Miami Beach, FL
    Ebay Sale, February 2009
    R1 R-4508
    July 2003
    Auburn, CA
    Ebay Sale (

    Tom Rautio, Santa Barbara CA - SDC Forum (SBCA96)

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Bobby Ballance, Virginia Beach, VA - Turning Wheels - Sept 1986


    R1 R-4510

    Turning Wheels - August 1986
    R2 R-4517
    Dennis Foy, Prospect, KY
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4518
    Tim Monaghan, San Diego, CA
    Turning Wheels, May 1994

    Turning Wheels, December 1994


    R1 R-4518
    Tim Monaghan, San Diego, CA
    Turning Wheels, May 1994


    Oct 1992
    Tim Monaghan

      White/Black T1 Air, PS, PB, PW, AT - Prepared for Stude Corporate Director

      TW AD, Oct 1992

    R1 R-4521
    Richard Herndon, Raytown, MO
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    Bodytag RQ-3566
    (californiaautomobilemuseum), Sacramento, CA - Ebay Sale - Nov 2011
    R1 R-4523 AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4524
    Dr. Fritz Moser, Claremont, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4530
    George Rink, Grand Junction, CO
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    (email sent 26mar2011)
    Former Owners/Locales:
    Jay Halladay, Carbondale, CO
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4532

    Steve James, Elkton, FL
    Classified sale - July 2011


    R2 R-4532

    Steve James, Elkton, FL
    Feb 2006 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    77000 miles
    (Sunburst2001) - Arizona - EBAY Sale - 22 January 2002

    R1 R-4533

    Jim Leonard, Ore City, TX
    Turning Wheels, May 1996

    R2 R-4536

    John Poulos, Arnold, Md
    Ebay sale, October 2006

    Thomas H. Platt Jr., San Leandro, CA
    1965 - August 2000
    San Leandro, CA 94579-2442

      63 1/2 transition model / full 64 interior
      Started May 29 / Delivered in June 63
      Owned since 1965
      VIN plate shows 4536A
    Original Owner;
    Joseph Krueger, Santa Monica, CA

    John Palko, Rancho Pales Verde CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    AOAI Classifieds - Dec 2010
    AOAI Classifieds - #152

    A. M. Ledolt, Rancho Pales Verde CA



    Lloyd Haynes, Los Angeles CA - AOAI #044 Spring 1980
    R1 R-4547
    Dec 2002
    Jesse & Helene Ringer

    June 2006
    Dave Johnson

    Melbourne, Florida

      Red/Fawn, R4547, very original, only 75,000 original miles,
      automatic, many new parts: all re-done chrome, seats, exhaust,
      and power steering. $17,500 Call 321-759-7617

    R2 R-4549
    J. H. Parrish, Adel, GA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 63R-4552

    Gary Jensen, Boring OR - AOAI #020 Classifieds, Fall 1972
    May 2008
    (#5)Jim Reynolds, Southern California
      ? - 1971

    (#6)Ron Ellerbe, Northern California

    1975- sold and gone to (#7) Huntington Beach, Ca
    1977 - Seen in Dan Diego with (#8)
    1980s - (#9)Jean Richter
    1990's - (#10)Pacific Northwest
      (end of data trail)
    Converted to an R3 in late 70's. Current location unknown
    R1 R-4554
    Ray Goode, Marengo, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4556
    Thomas E. Egan, Camp Hill, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    (vennsa), Rockford, MI
    Ebay Sale, July 2009

    1963 R-4559

    Ron Carbaugh, Brookville OH

    Robert Corum, Manhattan KS

    R1 R-4563
    Ed Langdon, Westminster, MD
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4565

    Unknown Source R1 R-4567
    Scott Seering, Gleason, WI
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4570

    (Carnumber11), San Antonio, TX - Ebay Sale - July 2008

    R2 R-4571

    Nov 2007
    Philadelphia, PA
    Ebay Sale

    R2 R-4572

    June 2007
    Milwaukee, WI
    Ebay Sale

    R2 R-4574

    Clell Ballard, Fairfield OH
    Photo - May 1973
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4576
    Larry Coleman, Pikeville, KY
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4578

    Daniel Chouin, Flagy France
    January 2009

    Former Owner:
    George Berbet, Alsace, France (1965-2007)
    Raymond Loewy, Paris, France (1963-1965)
    Delivered through D'Ieteren, Freres, Brussels, Belgium

    R1 R-4579
    Jerry Tanner, Tulare, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4580
    Peter Holst, Gig Harbor, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4582
    Glen Belshaw, Carthage, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4591
    Louis Mathia, Miami, OK
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4593

    Jim & Leslea Rapp, Sheridan WY
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    (entry 15 June 2001 /Owned since 11-1-99)
    (pic Nov 2013)

      R2 4-speed, gold with black interior. This car had been stored from
      1976 to 1999 when we purchased it. The car is now undergoing a groundup

    R2 R-4600
    George Dennis, Battle Ground, WA
    Apr 2006 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Localesl;

    EBAY Sale
    , Covington, TX - April 2005

      Candy apple red R2 with a 1996 LT 4 engine and a 700R
      GM transmission. Recarro seats front and back with 16 inch custom
      wheels. I am planning on adding rank & pinion steering as well
      as rear disc brakes.

    R1 R-4604 (RQ-3593)
    Nashville, TN (Feb 2014)
    R3 R-4606

    R2 R-4607

    Mike Kelley, Portland OR
    (entry Nov 2012)
    R2, 4 speed, sitting for 25 years

    Ebay Sale - Nov 2012

    R1 R-4609

    AOAI #168, Nov 2014 Classifieds
    Ed Barrett, Knoxville, TN
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4610
    Douglas Harry, Belville, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4617

    Turning Wheels, June 1996

    R2 R-4618

    Dale Hoover, Akron OH
    Craigslist, Nov 2009


    R2 R-4618

    Chicago, IL
    Ebay Sale - June 2007

    Late 1963 R4618 titled new by studebaker as a 1964. It has an R1 with a/c and full
    tinted glass all around. Car is100% original and TOTALLY rust free...
    Hog troughs are unbelievable as is the whole underside. Car is avanti grey
    with red and fawn interior. Paint is basically old chalk and needs to be
    redone, interior is all there and not bad. Driver seat ripped and carpet is
    shot, dash is good and guages are nice. Very straight body with no real
    issues. Needs resto but is all there. Motor turns over and wants to start
    but dies after a few seconds. All a/c parts in tact. Car spent its life in
    Oregon and Arizona.

    r2 R-4622
    Mark Jensen, Centura, WI
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R1 R-4626

    (monstermotorsport), Escondido, CA
    Ebay Sale, September 2009


    1963 R1 R-4626

    (coolcars4u), Las Vegas, NV
    Ebay Sale, August 2008


    1963 R1 R-4626

    Jim ?, Berkeley, CA
    Turning Wheels, May 1993

    R1 R-4628
    Paul Darcy, Fort Collins, CO
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4629
    Thomas Cannon, Harrington, DE
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4632
    Rowland P. Buzza, Pittsburgh, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4633
    Donald Borger, Newcastle, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R-4634

    John McCall (April 2014)

    Former Owners/Locales;
    E. B. Sims, Tulsa, OK (Original Owner) (in pic)

    1963 R1 R-4635

    Brian Ravenscraft, Batavia, OH
    For sale,- Apr 2011


    1963 R1 R-4635

    Brian Ravenscraft, Batavia, OH
    Craigslist, Nov 2009


    R1 R-4635

    Brian Ravenscraft
    Rt32, Batavia, OH 45103
    Turning Wheels Classifieds, September 2101


    R1 R-4635

    Gary Mortimer, Harrison, OH - AOAI #038 Spring 1978

    R1 R-4636
    24 May 2005
    Dave Johnson
    Downers Grove, IL

      Project - R&P steering GM Disk brakes

    Mark van Deventer, Naperville, IL 60565

    R3 R-4637

    Seattle, WA
    Turning Wheels, June 1988

    R1 R-4638
    Howe Clark, Avon, IN
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R1 R-4639

    Jay Brotter, Scranton PA
    August 2009 - ?


    Specialty Sales, Benecia, CA
    Ebay Sale, June 2008
    Craigslist, July 2008
    Ebay Sale October 2008

    1963 R-4640

    Denis Mitchell, Sarver, PA -AOAI #166 CLassifieds - May 2014


    R1 R-4640

    Denis Mitchell, Sarver, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    AOAI #165 CLassifieds - Feb 2014

    R2 R-4641

    Laura Sargentini, 46100 Mantova,Italy
    Ebay Sale - Oct 2010
    R2 R-4648
    Lewis H. Lamb, Conklin, NY
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4652
    Jim Lutz, Wadsworth, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4655
    14 March 2002
    Barry Miller
    Cordova TN 38018
      Owned since 1998


    Offered on SDC Forum - March 2014


    1963 R-4657

    Stanlet Werner, Middletown, NJ
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Karen C. Kramer, ? NJ - May 2006

      Three owner history with documentation. Very good original
      condition with one repaint. Avanti Gold with Smoked Elk interior. R1
      automatic with air and power steering. The car has its original drivetrain
      (engine number R5167 is listed in the owner's guide). Body number is RQ 3085.
      Originally purchaced in Clinton Iowa, now resides in New Jersey. Great car!

    R2 R-4663
    John MacIsaac, Alliance, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Jan 2003
      R-2 titled as 1964, with round headlights. Second owner (since 1968), Avanti red, black/ fawn interior. Automatic/ twin traction, 86,000 original miles, PS, PB, PW.

    R1 - R-4665
    Al Keplinger, Huntsville, AL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    For Sale Apr 2011

    R2 R-4667

    Oscar Williams, Whitehall, NY
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Craigslist - Oct 2011


    R2 R-4667

    Oscar Williams, Whitehall, NY
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Ebay Sale - OCt 2011

    1963 R-4668
    Gary Croletto, Angels Camp, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Jan 2005
      R1 4-speed, red with black/fawn interior with red and black
      carpets. PS/PB/PW/tinted glass, AM radio w/rear speaker. Original,
      unrestored, owned for 36 years, shown at Concours and Club events.

    R1 R-4670

    Roger Biede, Tucson, AZ
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Sale, AOAI Quarterly #146, May 2009


    1964 R1 R-4670

    Sale, AOAI Quarterly #145, Spring 2009


    Gerald Wilson, Modesto, CA
    AOAI Register 2004


    R1 R-4670B
    19 January 2002
    Unknown whereabouts (until above)

    Previous owner:
    Paul Johnson, Harpers Ferry, WV
    Owned: 1969 - 1971
    Purchased from: Studebaker Dealer
    Hayward, CA
    (R-1, 4-speed, a/c, p/w, p/s, TT)

    R4 R-4671

    Richard Bennett III
    Irwin, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Photo , July 2011 - Gettysburg PA
    Engine Pic

    R1 R-4672

    Bruce Slifer, Allentown, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Photo - July 2011 - Gettysburg PA
    Abbot Moffat Redmond, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4679
    Dave Thibeault, Maynard, MA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4680
    Tom Ossorio, Arlington, TX
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4682
    Phil Harris, Fairborn, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4683
    Pic 2

    Turning Wheels - June 1992

    John M. Rodhouse, Becket, MA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Photos , July 2011 - Gettysburg PA

    1963 R1 R-4684

    Bob & Liz Doyle, Cle Elum, WA
    May 2009

    mboag at, Ellensburg, WA - Estate sale, March 2009

    Bob Barrett, Ellensburg, WA - 1993 - 2009 (deceased)

    1963 - 1996 ?

    original sale; Alhambra Motors, Alhambra, CA

    R1 R-4685
    Ken Couvillion, Lodi, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R1 R-4687

    Lawrence Siupa (may 2013

    Former Owners/Locales;
    (phenix07), Buffalo, NY - Ebay Sale - Mar 2012


    1963 R1 R-4687

    (phenix07), Elma, NY - Ebay Sale - Apr 2011

    1963 R1 R-4687

    (fivestarsales1), Buffalo NY - Original Owner - Ebay Sale - March 2010


    1963 R1 R-4687

    (Lesiupa), Great Lakes, MI - Ebay Sale - June 2008

    R1 R-4688
    Robert G. Barnhardt Jr., Bucklin, KS
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4691
    Jan 2005

    EBAY Sale Has owner history
    R1 R-4693
    Herbert haley, Walton, KY
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4695
    James Bell, Bellingham, WA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4698

    Oakland, CA
    Turning Wheels, December 1984

    R2 R-4701
    Robert D. Jackson, Prairie Village, KS
    Feb 2001 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    R0 R-4704

    (Tom Noller) RadioTom - AOAI Chat Froum - Feb 2012 (entry Feb 2012)
    1963 R-4707

    R1 R-4709
    Alan Bradford, Tinana, AU
    AOAI Reg 2009 - 2011

    R2 R-4711

    25 July 2006

    Jim Ober
    Simi Valley, CA 93065
      I have owned it since 1976, and I am a member of AOAI, and my car
      was on the cover of Avanti magazine a little less than a year ago
      (2005). It is a rare, originally black car, with black interior.
      supercharged, R2.
      It is in very good condition, has been partially restored, but its
      in near show quality.I bought it from a guy named Don Goodenow, who,
      at the time, was the managing editor of the LA. Herald Examiner. He
      owned it since new.

    R1 R-4714
    25 Feb 2002
    Peter F. Zari
    Northeast Avanti
    New Rochelle, NY
    For sale Feb 2002

    R1 R-4715

    (ellabella344), Cullman, AL - Ebay Sale - January 2014

    R2 R-4716

    Floyd Jaehnert, St. Paul, MN - AOAI Reg. 2011 - 2014

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Floyd Jaehnert, Union, IL
    Ebay Sale - June 2005

    R1 R-4719

    John Koutre, Plover, WI
    For Sale, April 2009


    1963 R-4719

    (drjjkoot), AOAI #146, May 2009

    Original Delivery Papers at  Schuch Motors, San Angelo, TX

    R1 R-4720
    Buck Mook, West Bloomfield, MI


    Richard Moll, Los Altos, CA
    For Sale Apr 2011

    Original Owner - AOAI #153 Classifieds AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4724

    Darrell E. Carr, Charlestown, WV
    ( 1991 - 2013)

    Former Owners/Locales;
    ? Goodfellow, Massachusetts
    Vogel Parker - Original Owner

    R1 R-4729
    Steve George, Brentwood, TN
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Body Tag (63RQ3370)
    R1 R-4737
    (entry)13 August 2001
    Rex Kennedy, Hudson, CO 80642
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Owned since 1969
    previous owner - Denver, CO

    R1 R-4738
    Jim Hayward, Ontario Canada AOAI Reg. 2011

    Auction Sale - May 2014

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Martin & Mary Berger, McClure, PA
    Purchased in NY City area

    1963 R-4745

    Larry Yackel, Placitas, NM
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4746
    John Cinelli, Ontario(?), Canada (July 2013)


    Ben Blanton, Bloomfield, CO - Turning Wheels - Sept 1986


    Ben Blanton, Bloomfield, CO - Turning Wheels - Jan 1986


    R1 R-4746

    Ben Blanton, Bloomfield, CO
    Turning Wheels, December 1985

    R2 R-4749
    01 April 2001
    Dale Hurd

    R1 R-4752
    Nov 2003
    Terry A. Komejan
      R1 58,000 miles automatic, PS, PB and air conditioning.
      Car bought in Florida and driven to Michigan. Avanti grey with black
      interior, all original.

    R1 R-4753
    Dennis Winebarger, Boone, NC
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    1963 R-4756

    Ebay Sale - March 2004


    R1 R-4756

    05 January 2004
    Dick Steinburg
    Northeast WI

      For Sale
      (titled as a 64 when originally sold in Virginia but has round head
      lights like a 63) Restorable Avanti with auto trans. Runs very well.
      Hog troughs and frame are solid. White w/ turquoise interior (Car was
      originally turquoise but had amateur repaint at sometime during its life.


    Eau Clair, WI
    Turning Wheels, July 1997


    Andrew Schell, Weston, WI
    Turning Wheels, May 1995


    Andrew Schell, Weston, WI
    Turning Wheels, May 1994

    1963 R-4758

    Anthony Patane, Carmel, NY
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    (Cookyheadjenkins), Canton, GA - Ebay Sale - July 2008

    R1 R-4762

    Robert Price, New Lenox, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Vic Mirando, Buffalo, NY -Turning Wheels, April 1997

    R1 R-4763
    John Tanner, New Oxford, PA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4765
    Iinteresting Note

    Patrick Quinn, Oklahoma City, OK
    Turning Wheels, August 1988

    R2 R-4770
    - Ebay Sale - Sep 2007
    R1 R-4776
    Jon B. Myer, Duncan Falls, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4777
    Miller Walker, Cypress, TX
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Turning Wheels - June 1992

    R1 R-4778
    Robert Parker, Ninevah, IN
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    TW June 2011 Classifieds

    R1 R-4781
    Alan Theodhor, Whitefield, NH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Dec 2002
      R1 93,000 miles, second owner, auto, ps, pb, pw, tinted glass,
      am radio with rear speaker. Originally gold with fawn interior. Sold
      new in Waterbury Conn. in early 1964, titled as a 1964, has most 64
      changes except headlights. I have owned the car for over twenty years.

    R1 R-4782
    Lawrence Stanosheck, Odell, NE
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4783

    Apr 2003

    R1 R-4783

    22 August 2001
    John Poulos
    Arnold, Md
    Body / frame only

    R1 R-4785
    14 Aug 2006
    Mike Float
      did have pirate buckles on the door panel

    1962 R1 R-4788
    21 Mar 2006
    Jim Heiple
    Somerset, PA

    R1 R-4789
    Sam Hurt, Apache Junction, AZ
    Aug 2005 - AOAI Reg. 2011

      155,000 miles, mostly original, new paint. Power windows, R1, AC, A/T.

    R1 R-4790

    Steve Nelson, Orange, Ca
    Turning Wheels, August 1980

    R1 R-4791

    Mike Glazy, San Jose, CA
    Turning Wheels, April 1993

    R1 R-4792

    Robert Aiksnoras, Salem, CT - March 2004 - AOAI Reg. 2011


    Facebook Sept - 2014


    Special Granatelli Car

    1964 R1 R-4795
    Jerry Thielen, Bensenville, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Dick Hulse, Upland, CA - Turning Wheels, May 1996


    Turning Wheels, May 1996

    R2 R-4800
    June 2005

    R1 R-4803
    May 2002
    Wayne Castor
      R-1. Originally a Turquoise 4-speed, no air. Purchased in
      Pennsylvania sight unseen, and driven back to Kansas. Restored in
      the early 1980's and updated with leather upholstery from a 78. Kept
      the low back seats. Has been converted to Low Gear start Automatic,
      3.07 TT. and air conditioning. Vintage 64 Kelsey Hayes Mags on Steel
      rims. Many Avanti II upgrades on interior, but needs another restoration.
      10 years in storage. Titled as a 64, as was my previous Avanti, R-4442.

    R1 63R-4803

    Dan Duma, Schenectady, NY - AOAI #031 Classifieds, Summer 1976

    R1 R-4806

    (themotormasters), Henderson, NC - Ebay Sale - Jan 2014


    R1 R-4806

    (8vette8), Marcellus, NY - Ebay Sale, May 2009


    R1 R-4806

    (8vette8), Marcellus, NY - Ebay Sale, December 2008


    R. Lovell, Zanesville OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    R3 engine (B50)
    4 Spd, PW, PB, PS, FM
    AOAI Classifieds - Dec 2010
    AOAI reg 2002-2011

    AOAI #152 P74

    SDC Classifieds - July 2010

    R-4807 was reportedly, the last of the 1963 Production

    R4808 - R4837 - 1963 1/2 (transition models) models with 30 changes

    R2 R-4808

    Dan Booth, Wixom MI


    R2 R-4808

    Jim Cashero, Atascadera, CA - AOAI #044 Spring 1979

    R2 R-4809

    (flxible55), Wilkes Barre PA
    Ebay Sale - Nov 2010


    R2 R-4809

    (flxible55), Wilkes Barre PA
    Ebay Sale, June 2010

    R1 R-4810
    4-speed, white with black/black interior.
    Pete Miller, Menlo Park CA
    4th owner, 2009 -

    Lon R. Donald, 2003,Third owner

      car has been in the San Francisco Bay area since new.


    W. L. Janszen, Berkeley CA - AOA #23 Winter 1974


    Copart Auction, Gainesville, GA - Oct 2014
    R1 R-4812

    Rego Park, NY
    EBAY Sale
    Oct 2007


    R1 R-4812

    Larry Conner, Atlanta, GA
    Turning Wheels, July 1982


    R1 R-4812

    Tom Chomyn, Woodstock, GA
    Turning Wheels, March 1981

    R1 R-4837
    (June 2013) to ?, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Gary E. Philbrick, Westerville OH
    Gary Philbrick, St. Pete beach, FL - AOAI Reg. 2011

    R-4838 - first 1964 model

    R1 R-4817
    Mar 19, 2002
    Fernando Garcia
    Fairfax, VA
      R1 Under restoration, Automatic, PS, PB, PW. Originally turquoise
      but will be painted black or silver with black interior. Originally a
      California car, bought in Delaware and towed to Fairfax, Virginia.
      Car was refurbished, including hog troughs, almost finished, but a
      front end accident curtailed further activity
      Sold in 2004> Buyer unknown


    (source unknown)
    r2 R-4825
    William Lipp, Cincinnati, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4828

    Tom Arguelles, Ocean Springs, MS - AOAI Reg. 2011-2014

    Former Owners/Locales;
    (AJP34), Lorain, OH - Ebay Sale, Sep 2005


    R1 R-4828

    (X570205), Modesto, CA
    Ebay Sale, April 2008

    Former Owners/Locales;

    R1 R-4829
    Tom Lewis, Princeton, LA
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4831
    Gene Schreiner, Sierra Vista, AZ
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4836

    Mary Karpinen, Minneapolis, MN
    TW December 1983


    Turning Wheels, June 1981

    R1 R-4839

    N. Ward, Las Vegas, NV - Turning Wheels - October 1984


    Turning Wheels, January 1984

    R2 R-4840
    Tom and Mary Bocchi, Hudson Falls, NY
    May 2007 - AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4842
    Steve Smith, New Palastine, IN
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Charles(?) Smith, Trafalgar IN - Ebay Sale, March 2010

    R1 R-4843
    Dr. John V. Cady, Chesterland, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Bob Hull, Akron, OH ( Oct 2014)

    64 R-4845

    Alain Cassagnes, Toulouse France

    September 2005 - ?

    Former owners/locales;
    Daniel Chouin, Flagy France, 2004 - 2005
    Formerly at Le Centre de l'Automobile Ancienne, Paris France, mid 90's - 2004
    No AOAI Registration

    R1 R-4846
    Verne Brinsmeade, Ontario Canada
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Rolly Larmour, Ontario, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2009

    R1 R-4847
    Terry Colville, Christchurch, NZ - AOAI 2014

    R2 R-4848
    Louis Benning, Roswell, GA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4849

    Scott Vermillion, Chicago, IL (May 2014)

    R1 R-4853

    (sodacan1000), Napa, CA - Ebay Sale - May 2012

    R1 R-4854

    William Bisaillon, Goshen, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Ebay Sale, Feb 2003


    R1 R-4854

    John Grychak, Pittsfield MA - AOAI #047

    R2 R-4855
    Andy Lindsten, Genoa, IL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4858

    (markm1611) Tampa, FL
    EBAY Sale - May 2005

    R4 R-4866
    Edmund Desilva, Plantation, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4867
    J. Buringrud, Bismarck, ND
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Brad Carter, Chicago, IL ( 2013)

    Former Owers/Locales;
    Brad Carter, West Virginia - 2004 -

    R2 R-4871

    Doris Hale, Chardon, OH
    Turning Wheels, February 1980


    Turning Wheels, March 1980

    R2 R-4874

    Carl Kabel, Cutler bay, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales;
    (ectss66), Miami FL - Ebay Sale, December 2009

    1964 R2 R-4875
    (pics)Lancaster Meet 2008
    Dave Ridge, Punta Gorda, FL
    AOAI Reg. 2011


    R2 R-4875

    Turning Wheels - June 1998

    R1 R-4880

    15 February 2001
    Chuck Baker
    Frederick, MD

    Florida estate Car
    John Poulos
    Arnold, MD
    Transition car ( 64 with round headlights)

    R2 R-4881

    Jim Koelmel, Westminster, CO - AOAI Classifieds #147, August 2009

    R1 R-4883
    Dennis Adams, Portland OR
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4886

    Jmorro, Oregon - Ebay Sale, March 2008

    1964 R-4888
    (m200d), Houston, TX - Ebay Sale - Feb 2013


    R2 R-4888

    (M200D), Houston, TX - Ebay Sale - June 2012



    (DAPY), Houston, TX
    AOAI Forum - Feb 2012

    Former Owners/Locales;

    Lindsay Hanson, Waterloo, IA
    Craigslist Sale - Jan 2012
    (2010 - 2012)

    David F. Waychus, Mason City, IA (2000 - 2010)

    R2 R-4889
    Harry Burnstine, Bristol, IN
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4891
    Jerry L. Ball, Bullard, TX
    AOAI Reg. 2011-2014
    R1 R-4892
    Richard Vaux, Hampton Falls, NH
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    09 Feb 2004
      R-4892 is cited in Chassis Manual as being the 'before/after' car in defining specific changes to the models between 63 - 65

    R2 R-4893

    (Westcoastclassics), Santa Monica, CA - Ebay Sale - May 2012


    R2 R-4893

    Bruce Baysinger, Seal Beach, CA - Turning Wheels, October 1985

    R2 R-4894

    Dick Vaux,

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Harry Warner, Napples FL - AOAI #061 - Summer 1987

    R1 R-4895
    Ruth Lyn Meese, Dillwyn VA Aug 2010 - ?
    William G. Meese - Suburban Md ( original Owner, 1965-1972)
    Bill Wyatt - Suburban Md 1972 - 2010

    R1 R-4897
    Nick Nichols
    San Francisco, CA


    Ken Laird
    Photo , July 2011 - Gettysburg PA
    R1 R-4901
    13 August 2001
    Round headlight R-1 '64, turquoise/turquoise, AC, PW, AT. The car
    was totaled in '69 bought from a wrecking yard in Berkeley, CA in
    '69 for $150 (less dash, AC, steering). Previous owner lived in San
    Leandro where they were updating his replacement Avanti (a '63- adding
    wood grain and other '64 items). He told that a Pinto had flipped on a
    rainy highway and landed on the front of his Avanti smashing the hood and
    windshield creasing the top. No one was hurt in the Avanti. (Anon)

    car has been parted out

    Former Owners/Locales James Beauford, Richmond CA
    Paul Johnson, Harpers Ferry WV

    R2 R-4902
    James W. Gates, Columbus, IN
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4903
    Byron Behring, Enid, OK
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4905
    Tony Trist
    Christchurch, New Zealand


    R1 R-4905

    Richard Salter, Pacific Palisades, CA - AOAI #035 Summer 1977

    R2 R-4911

    (Bodtyag RQ-3536)
    (Airheart), Ferndale, WA - Ebay Sale - Feb 2012

    For Sale

    Jay (?), Ferndale, WA (SDC Forum) Dec 2011

    R1 R-4912

    (body tag RQ-3846)
    Jim Nation, Ada, MI - SDC Forum, Feb 2012

    R2 R-4913

    (6300 original miles)
    Mecum Auction - Dallas, TX - Aug 2012
    R2 R-4914
    C. Lloyd Haslett, Los Lunas, NM
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4916
    Lars Dahlo, Peekskill, NY
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R1 R-4918
    May 2007
    Jack Shiver, somewhere out West

    R1 R-4919

    15 may 2006
    Clint Jones
    Torrence , CA

    Originally Avanti red,

    R1 R-4920

    Toledo, OH
    Turning Wheels, March 1983
    R1 R-4921
    23 Apr 2007
    Alex Smith
    Dallas, TX
      Craigslist Apr 2007
      Body RQ3215, R1, AT, A/C, round headlights, silver car, red interior. It
      appears to be complete but deteriorated, poor interior, did not appear
      to have ever been wrecked, in outside storage last 15 years. The car
      appeared on Dallas Craigslist April 14. The owner, Alex Smith, says
      titled as '64, contact him at 512-775-5155. He is asking $6000, he and
      car are moving to Austin, TX area this week from Dallas.

    R2 R-4923

    Brookhaven, MS
    EBAY Sale, April 2005

    R1 R-4926

    (bushmaster2003bko), Mishewaka, IN - Ebay Sale, May 2006
      Round headlight

    R1 R4928
    Charlie B. Hughes Carthage TN
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    Owned since 1964
    Delivered to Maxey & Donnelly, Inc., Nashville, TN


    Craig barber, South Bend, IN
    AOAI #4 - Jan 1973

    Irv Lovas, South Bend, IN

    R1 R-4935
    Bob Ouderkerken, Kendrick, Idaho
    July 2009


    R2 R-4938
    "Tag Cross Country Road Car" /Sears-Allstate Tire Promotion car/ (Build Sheet notation)
    R2 R-4942
    Jon B. Myer, Duncan Falls, OH
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4943

    Tommy Tompkins, Boston, MA - Avanti Topics, November 1972
    R2 R-4950
    Gerald Snyder, Plant City, FL
    AOAI REg. 2011

    R1 R-4954

    Sharan Smith(?), ? Washington - Original Owner
    Story - AOAI #164
    R2 R-4956
    Little Rock, AR - Turning Wheels Classifieds - Jan 1992

    R1 R-4957B
    (miamiford), Miami FL
    Ebay Sale - March 2012


    R1 R-4957B

    Bay City, MI - Ebay Sale, May 2006

      Debbie Reynolds Prop!

    R1 R-4958

    Roger Hill, Arvonia, VA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    since Dec 2003

    Former Owners/Locales;
    John Winn, Austin, TX 78723
    John Poulos, Annapolis, MD - 2002

    Black with Red int. AC, PS, fast steering, PB, AT, R3 valves & manifold. Her name is Black Beauty.
    Sold Nov 2003
    To: Roger Hill, Arvonia, VA

    1964 R-4959
    Jeff Lange, Bayshore, NY
    AOAI 2009 - 2011 Reg.


    Edward Spannhake, New York, NY - 2002, 2003, 2004 AOAI Reg.

    R1 R-4961
    Larry Schnell, Sparks, NV
    AOAI Reg. 2011
    R2 R-4962
    Dave Kinney
    Great Falls, VA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4963
    Robert Green, Queen Creek, AZ
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R2 R-4970

    (cultra105), Onarga, IL - Ebay Sale - Aug 2014


    R2 R-4970
    - Nov 2009
    Shane Cultra, Onarga, Illinois

    (bakerclassiccarsinc), Peoria IL - Ebay Sale, Nov 2009

    R2 R-4971
    .....number questionable
    Found: ,Cary, NC
    Craigslist, February 2009
    Now: Glenn Dawson, Winchester, VA
    Being parted out

    R1 R-4973
    Dennis Day, Cedar Rapids, IA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    R1 R-4975

    Howard Nicholson, Marquette MI
    March 2008- AOAI reg. 2011

    Rainbow, AL - Ebay Sale, 17 February 2008

    R1 R-4977

    Sold new to C-D Motors, Trenton NJ
    (Data courtesy of Frank Drumheller, Central VA)

    Former Owners:
    William Harback - Original purchaser - 4-21-64

    R1 R-4978

    Ed Schuster, Puget Sound WA
    Ebay Sale - Aug 2010


    R1 R-4978

    Ed Schuster, Puget Sound WA
    Ebay Sale - July 2010


    R1 R-4978

    Art Unger, Washington State
    SDC Classifieds - Dec 2007

    R2 R-4982
    Eric Lentz-Gauthier, Davis, CA
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    Former Owners/Locales:
    Eric Conrad, Davis, CA 95616
    Special order with 63 headlights
    (Ed. Probably a round HL 64!!)

    R1 R-4983
        (March 2004)


    R1 R-4983
    ( April 2010)
    Body RQ-3870)
    Mark J. Aiksnoras, Tiverton RI
    AOAI Reg. 2011

    2002 -?

      R1 Automatic, blue with black interior. 3.31TT. Changed wheels and tires, modified interior, working on R2 motor with a 6-speed manual.


      - SEP 2011


    Doug & Carolyn Crall
    Warrenton VA 20187
    ? - January 2002

    Previous Owner: John Poulos
    R1, powershift, A/C

    R1 R-4985

    Paul Moller, Sacramanto CA - AOAI #043 - Summer 1979


    Mike Jones, Fort Worth, TX - AOAI 2014
    - Turning Wheels Cover - May 2012

    Spec Sheet


    Mike Jones, Pembroke Pines FL
    AOAI reg. 2010-?
    Owned since 1976
    Bob Kyvik, Dayton OH - AOAI Reg before 2002-2010

    Delivered to Sheppards Studebaker sales, Cincinnatti OH

    R1 R-4992

    Sold new to C-D Motors, Trenton NJ
    (Data courtesy of Frank Drumheller, Central VA)

    Former Owners;
    Robert C. Tovar, Trenton NJ

    Dewey Ferry, - Original purchased - 4-18-64

    R1 R-4993
    Modified to R3
    Derek Gosling, Eastleigh Hants, UK
    AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2014

    Former :
    John Poulos, Annapolis, MD - Sale 21 June 2001

      round headlight 64

    R1 R-4996

    (storm95007), Brookdale, CA - Enay Sale - Oct 2014

    Former Owners/Locales;
    Paul Storm, Brookdale, CA - AOAI Reg. 2011-2014

    R2 R-4997

    Leon Martin
    Melbourne AU 2010 - ?

    (loristory),Vancouver, WA
    Round headlight 64
    Ebay Sale, April 2005
    No AOAI Reg.

    Other Notable 63....

    1963 R4

    Ephrata, PA
    Turning Wheels Sale, November 1999

    Body Tags reported

    63RQ-2900 - R4128 - Indianapolis, IN - Sep 2012
    63RQ-2967 - R4013 - Sweden
    63RQ-2971 - R4013 - Pawnel, VT - Jan 2013
    63RQ-3011 - R-4341
    63RQ-3036 - R4242 - Keystone Raffle Car - 2014
    63RQ-3085 - R4657 - New Jersey
    63RQ-3099 - R4105 - Nevada - Dec 2011
    RQ-3178 - R4715 - Cullman, AL - Jan 2014
    RQ-3195 - R4806 - Henderson, SC - Jan 2014
    RQ-3204 - RQ-3204 - Copart Auction, Gainesville, GA - Oct 2014
    RQ-3248 - - Ken Wolford, Plymouth, IN ( 2014)
    RQ-3255 - R4634 - April 2014
    RQ-3268 - R4328 - Buffalo, NY - Nov 2014
    RQ-3281 - R4228 - Fernandina Beach, FL - Nov 2011
    RQ-3301 - R4205 - Long Beach, CA
    RQ-3329 - R4292 - Enola, PA - Sep 2012
    RQ-3370 - R4729 - Steve George, Brentwood, TN
    RQ-3376 - R4308 - Herb Price, Burlington, IA
    RQ-3377 - R4300 - Nevada City, CA - Oct 2014
    RQ-3399 - R4320 - Calumet, MI - OCt 2014
    RQ-3536 - R4911 - Washington State - Dec 2011
    RQ-3566 - R4522 - Sacramento, CA - Nov 2011
    RQ-3593 - R4604 - Nashville, TN - Feb 2014
    RQ-3642 - R4704 - Seattle, WA - Jan 2012
    RQ-3659 - R4687 - Elma, New York - Apr 2012
    RQ-3718 - R4740 - Pennsylvania - May 2014
    RQ-3827 - R47__? - Near Claremore OK - Oct 2012
    RQ-3846 - R4912 - Ada, MI - Feb 2012
    RQ-3870 -
    R4983 - Tioverton, RI - Nov 2011
    RQ-3874 - R4986 - July 2013
    RQ-3877 - R4888 - Mason City, IA - Feb 2012
    RQ-3888 - R4970 - Onarga, IL - Aug 2014
    RQ-3900 - R4957 - Miami, FL - March 2012
    RW-4239 - R4350 - August 2014
    RQ-4416 - R???? - Nashville, TN - Oct 2012
    RQ-4538 - 63RQ4538 - Los Angeles, CA 1980
    RQ-4774 -
    Huntersville, NC - Turning Wheels - April 1988
    RQ4822 Feb 2010
    RQ-5007 - R-4098 Michigan - September 2013
    RQ-5211 - R4152 - Fieldon, IL - Apr 2013


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