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Avanti II RQB Models (RQB-1500 - RQB-1999)

A partial catalog of owners of the Avanti II Automobile. Serial Numbers from RQB-1500 - RQB-1999. Included are members of the Avanti Chat group and other interested parties. Many Ebay passthroughs. No addresses or phone numbers are shown to protect privacy.


In early 1970, due to upgrades, the car designation went from RQA-xxxx to RQB-xxxx and the most prominent improvement were the high back seats. In 1970, there were only 5 cars designated as "RQA" models. Other changes were in the interior appointments, the rear brakes went to the GM self adjusting, self energizing type, with Chrysler drums. The factory never opted to install a proportioning valve with the new rear brakes and the left rear will occasionally lockup under a hard stop. The transmission, initially, went from the FMX type to a Turbo350.

As the Avanti II went through the mechanical and interior appointment changes, the original body lines never varied and were merely embellished with cosmetic differences. The mechanical changes, were never recorded by the factory, but included a move to the turbo 350 transmission, then to the Turbo 400 and on to the T200-4R & T700-R4. The engine sizes are reported as; 1970-71 - 350's / 1972-76 - 400's / some early 400's were 2 bbl carbs and later ones were 4 bbl / 1977-80 - 350's again / 1981 & on - 305's .. Ref...

Sunroofs were introduced. These were originally of German manufacture and can still be repaired by specific shops. In addition to the Recaro seats and rich leather upholstery, the cars were made to adhere to the emissions standards. The resulting power in the early 70's was reduced to a mere whimper of the original.
Bumpers remained steel, but for a short period, additional protection systems were added to comply with crash-worthiness requirements. The bodies were subtly refined and improved by the Avanti craftsmen.

With the depletion of stocks of original frames, it was reported that 6 cylinder Lark frames were being used in the current manufacture. These were lighter duty frames, but were modified and strengthened to required specifications.   Closing in on 1983, it was evident that a chassis renovation was required to continue producton. The choice of the renaissance, was the GM Monte Carlo/El Camino chassis.     / Discussion

(Quote: "In the mid 70's, Nate Altman "stretched" a single Avanti coupe. It is 3-4" LONGER, but it's still on a StudebakerLark/Avanti frame. The "stretch" is in the rear roof panel between the rear of the rear side vent window and the front edge of the rear window. No special designation, and former Avanti Tom Taberski remembers it leaving the factory and working on it afterwards, but has NO IDEA whatever became of it. It has NO SPECIAL DESIGNATION -- so you 1974-77 Avanti II owners, grab your tape measures!") Mike Shutko, Nov 2003 ( Mike passed in April 2007)

Post Studebaker Avanti's

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RQB Production Numbers
by John Hull
Notable cars
Raymond Loewy'2 two cars
Car 1 / and Car 2    

The Only 1983 Convertible
First Altman built RQB Avanti II
no Studebaker Body Tag