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Avanti Owners Database (1984 - 1991)

(The manufacturers plate containing the "RQB" serial number was pinned on the drivers door jamb, even though the VIN number plate was attached to the dash at the lower windshield area. Some cars are advertised as "RQB, some as "12AAVxxxxxx". This co-mingling of ID plates occurred until the 86 model year when the "RQB" plates disappeared.) 1985 and beyond are considered "RQC models". For this database, all 1984 and beyond wll be designated by using the "AAV" from the VIN and the last four digits of the VIN


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An ongoing database of survivors and ownerships of the Avanti Automobile. Some are members of the Avanti Chat group. No addresses or phone numbers will be included to protect privacy.
The 1984 era is marked by the sale of The Avanti Motor Corporation (Newman & Altman) to Stephen Blake, a Washington area developer. His well intended attempts to bring the car into a more modern setting, with engineering changes and looks, ended in catastrophe with the 1986 paint debacle, leaving the company in backruptcy. Mike Kelly, then enters the scene and again raises the company up, melding a modern chassis with the classic body, partnering with J.J. Cafaro and moving the company to Youngstown, Ohio. ....

VIN Numbers
From 1980 up until today, the VIN number has been defined as a 17-character alphanumeric identifier. In 1980, a rule was put into effect by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (U.S. Department of Transports) that required all new vehicles sold in the United States have a 17-character VIN. Today we have a fixed VIN system for all major vehicle manufacturers, including motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, and mopeds. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Avanti VIN Numbers read as "12AAV1234nnnnnnn"
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To some, there was a bit of sausage made with Avanti and VIN numbers. This page, starts with 1984 models and the sequence numbers are the same, whether RQB or AAV

Note:     ....the Avanits (sic) with the Studebaker frame starting about 1982 through 1985 had the 700-R4. The ones built on the Monte Carlo chassis - 1987 and 1988 .. probably 1989 too had the 200-4R trans.       Ref...

Regardies - March 1983

Obit - Stephen Blake
Mr. Blake, upon taking control of the company embarked on making changes at Avanti. One of the first items on his list of things to do was to drop the "II" designation and return the car to its original roots. It would again be known as the Avanti. Next on the list was to introduce a special model to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Avantis introduction. The 1983 20th Anniversary Model was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show. This all black, no chrome, euro-tech look Avanti was a radical departure from previous editions. The Anniversary car was followed by a special limited run of touring coupe editions. Work began late in 1984 on two projects which would point the way to the direction Mr. Blake felt Avanti should be heading. The first was the development of a convertible to complement the coupe and the Avanti GT a mid year replacement for the coupe with a custom chassis and suspension. Both projects while completed were not actively pursued as Avanti Motor Corporation filed for Bankruptcy early in 1985.
Mr. Blake was also responsible for a limited racing program where a specially prepared Avanti was raced at Daytona.

Among other things, 1984 produced changes in bumper styles from steel to designs in Kevlar, color coded units with comparably changed front & rear support structures. The use of Recarro seats was discontinued after 1985 for much less expensive GM seats. The 87/88 Avanti used the Monte Carlo SS type.
Mike Kelly also created the 'Touring Coupe' option with 'blackout' chrome trim & Western Mag wheels. Here is the Touring Coupe Registry that was maintained by Thomas A Krolikowski. This revision - July 2003

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