2013 Studebaker Parts & Services
Dave & Janet Thibeault
13 Nick Lane
Maynard, MA 01754 978-897-3158

PARTS AND SERVICES OFFERED For 6 Cylinder or V8     -     1920's to Avanti II

  • Ignition parts: Electronic distributors, Rebuilt distributors, Performance distributors, tune up parts, plugs and wires, etc. Autolite, Prestolite, Delco, Mallory, and Roto-Faze parts.

      - Rebuilt early style Delco distributors. $149.00 exchange or $25.00 core charge
      - Rebuilt Prestolite distributors. $149.00 exchange or $25.00 core charge
      - New Roto-Faze distributors $595.00 Custom made
      - Rebuilt early style Delco distributors. $149.00 exchange or $25.00 core charge
      - Rebuilt Prestolite distributors. $149.00 exchange or $25.00 core charge
      - New Roto-Faze distributors $595.00 Custom made

      - By far the best choice is the 100% new Mallory Unilite distributor that we have custom made for us. Comes complete and ready to drop in.  Set timing and go. Optical electronics so it is the most accurate distributor you can get. Parts are readily available at large auto parts stores and just about all speed shops. Nothing is custom except the lower body. $369.00

      - We can also build the Mopar conversion distributors from Prestolite housings for $295.00 exchange or a $25.00 core charge. We make them both with the Mopar control box set up or with a Mallory E-Spark electronic conversion to the Mopar conversion so it requires no extrenal control box.
      - Window type Delco distributor. $149.00 exchange or a $75.00 core charge
      - Rebuilt old style Mallory point type distributor. $149.00 exchange or a $100.00 core charge

    • Carburetors: Rebuilt carburetors for most Studebakers. Show quality restorations of original units, Cadmium plated linkages, rechromated bodies, etc.
    • Carburetor kits: Kits available for any carburetor.
    • Multi-carb intake set up: We make multiple carburetor set ups for both the Studebaker V8 and 6 cylinders. Dual 2bbl, Tri Power with Stromberg carbs or Rochesters, Exact copy of the R4 dual 4bbl set up with manifolds made from original patterns and correct air cleaner. Champion dual carb set up. They are custom made and ready to bolt on. The V8 ones have progressive linkages.
    • Engine parts: Pistons, rings, cam bearings, rod bearings, main bearings, gasket sets, valves and guides, timing gears, clutches, etc.
    • Engine rebuilding: Complete engine rebuilding services to stock or any desired performance. Rebuild yours or we have engines available.
    • Transmissions: Rebuilding or modifying transmissions, automatic, standard, or overdrive. Custom transmission conversions. 1st gear start conversions. Rebuilt torque converters.
    • Rear axle: Rear axle rebuilding, Twin Traction conversions, bearings, seals, gaskets, ring and pinions, etc.
    • Brake system parts: We have just about any brake system part you may need such as brake shoes, wheel cylinders, brake springs, hoses, clips, etc. We have brake springs for just about any Studebaker since the 1920's.
    • Disc brake parts: We stock Stainless Steel sleeved caliper assemblies that are complete and ready to bolt on. Also have any other parts you may need for the disc brake system.
    • Cooling system parts: New heavy duty V8 and Avanti water pumps, rebuilt pumps, thermostats, radiator hoses, etc. Both 6 cylinder and V8. We also have reproduction Lark fan shrouds.
    • Starters, generators, and alternators: We have in stock most starters, generators and alternators that have been completely remanufactured to like new. We also can provide high torque 6 volt conversions on the V8 and also upgrade of the Autolite/Prestolite 12 volt starters to higher torque winding. Regulators are also in stock. We also do an electronic regulator conversion to the Avanti regulator.
    • Performance parts: Aluminum intake manifold, dual 2 bbl, tri power, dual 4bbl, single 4bbl, electronic distributors, supercharger systems. Supercharger rebuilding. large valve cylinder heads or rebuild your own heads.
    • Performance handling parts: Heavy duty front and rear sway bar kits. Traction bar kits. Quick steering adaptors. power steering conversions. Heavy duty front and rear springs.
    • Avanti interior kits: We have upholstry kits for the Studebaker Avanti
    • Avanti plastic headlight lenses and Chrome headlight rings: Both round and rectangular.
    • Carpet Sets: Available for most Studebakers.
    • Wheels: New replacement wheels available in both primed and powder coated.
    • Suspension parts: Springs, control arm bushings, belcrank pins kits, sway bar bushings, spring bushings, rear springs, king pin kits, etc.
    • Fuel pumps: New and rebuilt fuel pumps using all parts suitable for todays fuels. Fuel pump kits for any pump made with parts compatible with todays fuels.
    • Grease seals: We have a large stock of just about any seal.
    • Wiring harnesses: Have many NOS and reproductions available.
    • Custom rebuilding: We will rebuild or restore to like new just about any Studebaker mechanical part.
    • Power steering: We have most 1958-66 power steering parts in stock and also offer power steering conversion kits if you would like to add power steering.
    • ZDDP: Zinc additive to reduce cam and lifter wear.
    • Parts locating service: We will also try to locate parts for customers if we do not have them.

    • This is not a complete listing of our parts & Services. Please call with your needs at 978-897-3158