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The Potomac Chapter

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Studebaker Drivers Club



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The Potomac Chapter

of the
Studebaker Drivers Club


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This adventure was conceived at a Potomac Chapter Meeting in March 2000, while at the York swapmeet. Members, Dave and Nadine Farris, Marty Long and Pat and Larry Merhaut, during idle conversation, hit upon driving the Mother Road, all the way to Santa Monica, CA, in our Studebakers.
Marty later cancelled (a sane man), but five others signed on. Our wagonmasters were Dave and Nadine Farris.

Incredibly, on April 21, 2003, we found ourselves gathered in the parking lot of the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant in New Market, VA, destined for an adventure far beyond anything we could have imagined. The caravan, with a sixth couple joining us, consisted of Dave & Nadine Farris (1959 Lark HT), Donna and Bob Johnstone ( 1955 President Sedan), Paul & Karen Johnson (1964 Avanti R2), Frank & Faye Fuller (1960 Lark HT), Norris & Gael Edmonds (1957 Transtar pickup), Paul & Dorothy Thrush (1954 2R Pickup), and finally Pat & Larry Merhaut ( 1962 Lark Convertible) (Excerpt-"From Here to Eternity-The Route 66 Odyssey-2003", Larry Merhaut)

Seven couples from the Potomac Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club
embarked on and completed a Cross-Country Tour via Route 66, which commenced at New Market, Virginia, on April 21 2003, and terminated successfully on May 18, 2003, covering over 6000 miles.

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