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06 Jan 2017

Pages 68 - 73 of the March 2017 Hot Rod Magazine feature a white Avanti from Studebaker. The article is titled ONE STEP BEYOND and is written by Chris Shelton. Lots of color photos and details. I Loved reading every page of it. If you like Avantis, pick yourself up a copy. Ed Lemanski

Bill Burke passes

November 26, 2015
Monthly Magazine Hemmings Classic Car Dec 2015 - A Columnist Issue

Page 8, Richard Lentinello "Old Movies, Old Cars" of course, mentions our favorite marque.

Page 41, Pat Foster :York Studebaker Meet" is a must read article on this annual Keystone Chapter Event.

Page 45, Bob Palma "Common Oddity, Uncommon Outcome" discusses why the Bullet Nose was so successful and the Ford Edsel was not. Very good reading.

Page 76, Jim Donnelly "Holden Koto" - a good historic item on a little known Studebaker Designer on the Raymond Loewy team. He discusses the 1947 Studebaker/1949 Ford design arguments.

HEMMINGS A Brief History of Studebaker 1852-1966

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04 Sep 2015

2015 Studebaker Nationals - an interesting 35 minute video on YouTube

1931 Studebaker Six Roadster hits the pavement for a photo shoot

Old Cars Weekly September 3, 2015, pages 26-27

The article text is by Jon Battle with b/w photos by Bonnie Martin.

STUDE SPOTTER - OCW Article on the Humber Hawk

(Many references to Studebaker and Packard Hawks)

STUDE SPOTTER - Hemmings Classic Car magazine - October 2015

Page 8, text reference to early Studebaker Larks, 2-door vs 4-door

Page 12, Waxed Woodie, article/photo on the Studebaker woodie wagon at the museum

Pages 32-37, full feature article on a 1949 Studebaker Commander Regal Deluxe Land Cruiser


Economical Transportation: Studebaker's bare-bones Scotsman of 1947-'58


STUDE SPOTTER - Hemmings Daily August 3, 2015

Brooks Stevens, the Willys Aero, and how the Studebaker Grand Turismo Hawk got its roofline.


24 July 2015

STUDE SPOTTER 1950 Champion 2-door sedan

STUDE SPOTTER 1950 Champion 2-door sedan

Page 96 of the September 2015 Automobile magazine, color photo, lower right corner of the page, Upshift article by Dave Kinney. Cars sold a B-J Auction, Palm Beach, FL. An Aqua green 1950 Studebaker Champion 2-door sedan sold for $22k. He quotes it as a spot-on price. 2-door sedan sold for $22k. He quotes it as a spot-on price.

24 June 2015

STUDE SPOTTER 1953 Red Studebaker Pick-up 2R

Page 69 of CAR CRAFT magazine dated September 2015 has 1/3rd of the page devoted to a letter from Gary Mcfeeters concerning his red 1953 Studebaker 2R truck. Includes a color photo and the caption "He has best last name of 2015". He is a professional hot rodder who professes that we should listen to our club elders as they are the history of our hobby.

04 June 2015

GUNNER'S GARAGE - Old Cars e-mail

A John Gunnell report on the sprint meeting of the Wisconsin Chapter, SDC, meet. Emphasis on a '50 Studebaker. One photo and a "plug" for that chapter of SDC.

Old Cars Weekly Article

30 May 2015

Reminisce - Motoring Memories "I DROVE INTO A CREEK"

Page 69 of the June/July issue of Reminisce magazine has a 1/3 page article (no photo) of a man from Ocean Park, WA, Mr. Jonathan Cox, remembering an old story about 1951 Studebaker Champion Starlight coupe and telling how he owns one now. A nice article to read.

27 May 2015

Ted and Carol Brown’s wedding car was a 1955 Studebaker Commander. One Lark and six decades later, they’ve moved up to a Hawk.

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12 May 2015

“Former Studebaker assembly plant begins $17 million transformation into high-tech center”

19 March 2015


This is a real cute video on YouTube (runs for 11 Seconds)