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Richard Paul raced the #4 Hawk (64V1004) at Bonneville in 1964, 65 and 66,
with the factory backing his adventures.
These are some photos recently acquired and published with his approval.
/rj - July 2016

It all started in 1959....


64V1004 with Andy

 .1966...Might be with 259'" Paxton blown through R4 2x4 intake on R3 heads. Ran 155 with that. Also wanted to say the blown R4 ran 150.5 at the lake bed after driving it there. In fact I drove it to school every day.


Post 1966 and the Factory closing...

At Bonneville with a BBC powered Avanti


La Mirage - 1968

If you look close you will see this is not a true '53.
It is in fact my old black '57 converted to '53. Clue is no side sculpture.
Photos taken at El Mirage in I'm thinking '68