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Bob's Studebaker Resource Website

      This data compilation started as early as 1995. Most of it then, was gleaned from Ebay sales or other sale sources. Newly received AOAI rosters would be scanned as they arrived. Since 2011, the 1976 and some other AOAI rosters have been integrated, but SDC publications do not list the vehicle numbers.
      Also, there are MANY owners who do not participate in this or any other site and do not support either, the AOAI or SDC.

      Many sale ads or auctions don't include the serial numbers and trying to get them in itself, has turned out to be a futile effort. Oddly enough, there are many AOAI members who refuse to give their vehicle numbers.
      Some of these cars have been inserted in the pages using the body tag numbers but there are quite a few Studebaker Avantis and Avanti II's unpublished because of that.

      The original intent of this effort was to show what cars are out there and present some sort of production library. Nothing is embellished on this end and only shows what was presented at the source. If you look closely at some ads on Ebay, etc. you can see a few statements that need apologies. The data has been used to compare notes when purchasing a car and I've received more than a few emails indicating gratitude that they found this site before making a deal.

      If you have anything to add to or enhance these records, it would be appreciated if you send me the information. Additions and corrections and pictures are always welcome......

      Thanks /
      rfjohnstone at cox . net