Jet Thrust News Advisory - March 2021

...................... My old friend Wayne is getting rid of a number of Studebakers that he has collected. (Wagoneer, 4 dr Commander) Of interest to the JTN crowd is that he has a '63 R1 Hawk with spare R1 motor. (ps, I earlier said it was a '62 but was mistaken) Unfortunately the car is in rough shape having been stored outside in the oregon weather for a number of years. But the mechanicals are worth salvaging. The car can be rebuilt and put on the road. But it would yeoman's work. I include a few photos below.

Location is Portland, Oregon.

The Hawk is 63V-K6 1603. Engine number JT 1428 which is the original I believe.

The spare engine is JT 1084. Its missing a few things like the chrome valve covers and valley pan. It has a 2 bbl intake manifold on it but the owner tells me that he has the 4 bbl nearby. It does have the Heavy duty crank vibe dampener and front end pulleys. I can send photos of the engine if interested.

I checked all four heads on the engines and they all have the same PN 1557570, which is correct for a R1. They also have full flow. But I need to verify that at some point. But I saw no bypass filter.

This car will likely go to the crusher in a few months if someone does not come get it or make a deal otherwise with the owner. Hate to have that happen. Unfortunately I have no room as I just acquired a 1939 Coupe Express barn find that has been buried under tons of stuff for 30 plus years. It needs my love and giving, including a piece of my wallet. :( I posted some photos on the stude forum.

Feel free to forward this email as appropriate. I will also post on the Forum at some point.

That's it. My intentions for an R1 62-64 hawk has been supplanted by a '39 Coupe Express. Oops. Change of plans!!

I appreciate any feedback and thanks for the help in advance.

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