Leonard E. Summers
B-17 Flight Engineer - 384th Bomber Group - 546th Bombardment Squadron
35 Missions

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Actual 546th Bombardment Squadron aircraft detail
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Aircraft ID Code - Triangle P, BK* - Squadron Aircraft B-17F, B-17G
Leonard was a Technical Sargeant in the 546th Bombardment Squadron. He was a Flight Engineer which meant he aided the pilot with problems associated with keeping the aircraft in the air. In addition, he was a trained gunner and manned the two 50 calibre machine guns in the top turret.
He assisted with any wounded in the front of the airplane and looked out for his own hide. He did all this without his parachute on because of room in the turret. He was assigned to the 384th in June 17th, 1944, 11 days after D-Day.